Woman ‘married’ with kids to lesbian zombie doll – and has alien doll boyfriend

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A woman who claims to have “married” a zombie doll after falling in love with it as a teenager now has six “children of the dead” and an “alien boyfriend” on the side.

Felicity, 23, from Massachusetts, runs the YouTube channel Dollygirl20.

She says that she wed the reportedly lesbian doll she calls Kelly Rossie in 2018 after a love affair that began as a horror-loving 10-year-old.

She asked her parents to buy her the doll 13 years ago, but they said it was too scary for her.

When Felicity’s mums sadly died several years later, her father agreed to buy her the zombie doll as a birthday gift.

Felicity told the Sun US that she grew closer to the doll and eventually fell in love with it when she was 16 after her father had died.

The young woman said: "What I liked about her is that she represented to me a kind of Peter Pan Syndrome.

"At the time she was a young adult zombie with an older soul. I always wanted to stay being a kid, but also do more adult things like staying up late, eating whatever I want, not having to go to school, and saying what I want to say when I want to say it."

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The duo got married outside her grandfather’s home when she was 20 and Felicity spent $500 on the big day and was joined by friends and family.

Kelly wore a suit while Felicity chose a white dress and veil.

They kissed, danced and exchanged vows while neighbours and family watched.

While happy with her decision, the young woman claims she got a lot of hate on social media with people even accusing her of being a peadophile because the doll is child-like.

Felicity commented: "It made me feel suicidal and that my life wasn’t worth living or valuable in any way.

"There’s a lot of people out there that are accepted for things they do: some people get dressed up as animals – furries – for some reason and you know, some adults even dress up as babies. So why me?"

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Eventually, Felicity destroyed the doll in a rage and tried to date humans again, but she and her boyfriend split in 2020 and she came back to Kelly.

She noted: “I tried to put the dolls away for a long time but I just couldn’t.”

Felicity remodelled the doll by adding a more womanly figure and making its face less haunting.

They now have six “children” together made from other dolls in her collection.

But, Felicity also has chemistry with a six-foot alien doll named Robert which she bought aged 17.

She now considers the muscular doll her boyfriend – and is pleased that her doll children have a “daddy”.

Felicity said: “He protects me. He's a good guy but he doesn't take any c**p if somebody messes with his family – and me and Kelly are his family."

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