Woman leaves internet divided after admitting she doesn’t wash pyjamas after every wear

Doing the washing feels like a never-ending task. Once you’ve finished one load of laundry, the chances are by the end of the day more clothes have been added to the pile.

But now one woman has sparked a huge debate on TikTok over often you really should be washing your pyjamas – and it turns out, we're all doing things very differently.

Allison Deplerdang, from Idaho in the US, admitted that she re-wears her pyjamas, sometimes for three nights in a row, before sticking them into the wash.

But the idea left many people horrified as they consider it to be unhygienic.

However, Allison doesn’t see the big deal – and many agree with her.

TikToker Allison usually gives out wedding advice to her 11,000 followers, but in a recent update took to the social media platform to ask whether it’s acceptable to wear pyjamas for multiple nights in a row.

In the video, which has now racked up 800,000 views, she said: “I need to know if people wear pyjamas multiple nights in a row. When I was younger, our parents would always make us wear pyjamas multiple nights in a row because they weren’t dirty. I still do that as an adult.

“I’ve worn these three nights in a row. So, I need to know as an adult we’re still doing that? Or should I literally be making dirty clothes every single night?”

Loads of people raced to the comments to agree with her, one saying: “I wear them for like a week straight haha, I hate doing laundry.”

Another said: “Wait. There’s people that DONT wear their pjs multiple nights in a row?”

A third added: “It never even occurred to me to change them every night.”

But most people caveated their support with some rules.

Explaining her view, one said: “Yes, re-use. Unless sweaty, dirty, drop food or something.”

Another agreed saying: “Unless they’re sweaty and/or dirty, absolutely yes. It’s wasteful to change them every day!”

A third said she changes her bottoms but leaves the top the same, writing: “Unless I’m dead sick and sweat in them then I wear the same oversized T-Shirt for like 3-4 nights, but I do change the bottoms.”

And it’s not just pyjamas that some people like wearing multiple times before they head for the washing machine.

One person explained that they even wear regular clothes a couple of times first, going on to explain: “Maybe not in a row but def don’t wash after one use every single time.”

However, not everybody agrees with the idea of re-wearing clothes at all.

One person wrote: “I change my towel and pyjama every night. That was something my mum made me do as a kid. Not everybody does that…? Haha!”

Another said: “If I’ve worn them for eight plus hours asleep then they just don’t feel clean anymore.”

A third person said: “Fresh set every night over here…I’m 48, isn’t this what we’re supposed to be doing?”


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