Woman horrifies everyone by washing chocolate off KitKat ‘for being too sweet’

A mum has left viewers baffled after she filmed herself washing the chocolate off a KitKat bar because it is "too sweet".

TikTok user Jennifer posted a video with a trending sound clip, where a voice can be heard saying: "My boyfriend gave me these as a present.

"But the chocolate on them is way too sweet.

"So I wash it under hot water and you have a way healthier, delicious alternative."

Jennifer places a bar of KitKat chocolate under the tap water and gives it a good scrub until the chocolate coating comes off.

The clip has amassed more than 3 million views, with thousands of viewers expressing their rage and confusion in the comments.

One viewer said: "No one would date a lunatic that rinses chocolate off of a KitKat."

Another were grossed out by her action and wrote: "Just buy wafer biscuits. It's all soggy!"

"You should be sentenced to life with no chance of parole," a third added.

Some believed that she was doing a parody to the original audio and were surprised that no one realised it was a joke.

"Y'all obviously didn't see the original," a man commented.

Jennifer later admitted that KitKat bars her her favourite chocolate and that she only filmed it as a joke.

She wrote: "Of course it is a joke. I only get bad comments and TikTok stop my views! So what's the point?"

She later posted another clip to show viewers that she actually likes chocolate and even drizzle chocolate sauce on top the KitKat bar.

But it made further confusion with viewers stating: "But you just took off the chocolate?"

This came after a man shared a reinvented recipe of "lumpy" mashed potato using bags of crisps.

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