Will Anderson Cooper Inherit the Vanderbilt Fortune?

Gloria Vanderbilt, the socialite and famed fashion designer, remains spry and active even at 95. The Manhattan staple has had an illustrious life, and she openly discusses that life with her famous son Anderson Cooper in a 2016 documentary. One thing the pair haven’t discussed is Vanderbilt’s family fortune. Estimated to be worth a staggering $200 million, Vanderbilt is unlikely to leave a single penny to the CNN anchorman, and he’s totally fine with it.

There doesn’t seem to be any bad blood between Anderson
Cooper and his mother

While most people might be upset about missing out on such a fortune, Cooper opened up to ABC News. In a recent interview, the media mogul admitted that he doesn’t care that he is disinherited. In fact, he doesn’t want to see any of the famous family’s fortune.

Not only has Cooper built his own fortune, but he sees an inheritance as a curse. Cooper noted that if he had thought there was some large sum of money waiting for him, he might have lacked the work ethic to get him to his current position in life. While he did greatly benefit from access to a family fortune during his youth and young adulthood, his later accomplishments have been mostly self-made.

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My Dad. Wyatt Cooper. Sept 1, 1927- Jan 5, 1978. Still missed, and loved, everyday.

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Cooper and Vanderbilt are exceedingly close. Cooper described Vanderbilt as the coolest lady he knows. He has also worked with his mother on several projects, including a book and documentary that explore the Vanderbilt family history. Cooper’s father, Wyatt Cooper, died in the 1970s during a open heart surgery.

He doesn’t need the money anyway

Cooper is so blasé about missing out on the family fortune, that many people have questioned whether or not he really feels so calm about it. In the end, Cooper himself doesn’t need the money. The anchorman has amassed a pretty immense fortune in his own respect, and frankly, adding more from the Vanderbilt estate would do little to enhance his lifestyle.

to iHeartRadio, Anderson Cooper has a net worth of $100 million, and many
years of work ahead of him. While Cooper doesn’t currently have any children,
he has said he would be willing to follow his mother’s lead and ensure his
heirs don’t inherit a massive fortune. According to reports, he notes that he
might leave his family a small amount of money, but hopes to instill the same
sense of responsibility and work ethic in his own family that his mother taught

A rift in the family

While Cooper has been outspoken about his affection for his mother, he has avoided speaking about his brothers. Cooper has three brothers. Carter Vanderbilt Cooper died in 1988 after he leaped from a high rise building. His death was ruled a suicide, according to The New York Times

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Happy 95th Birthday to my mom, @gloriavanderbilt. Still painting everyday @gloriavanderbiltstudio. Still dreaming and creating, still believing the next great love is right around the corner. Who knows? Maybe she is right? I love you, Mom.

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Cooper also has two half-brothers, Stan, and Chris Stokowski. According to The Daily Mail, Christopher Stokowski had not seen his family in almost 38-years when they reconnected. Stokowski walked away from the family after an intense dispute with his mother and the family’s therapist. He is believed to have lived off the inheritance that he received from his father, the famed conductor Leopold Stokowski.

Stan Stokowski who has remained friendly with the family, prefers to keep his life private. Both Stan and Christopher are significantly older than Cooper. They are also unlikely to see a penny from the Vanderbilt fortune.

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