Why Today Is an Ultra Powerful Day for Communication

You probably already know currently Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio AND Scorpio season–all the latest drama, miscommunications, and straight-up falling outs are a constant reminder of the cosmic mess we’re all in right now. Maybe your ex DM’d you sounding genuinely apologetic, only to get really weird and combative when you actually called them out. Or maybe you had a huge, blown out fight with your mom or bestie over truly the dumbest thing, and now neither of you refuses to back down.

But there’s great news! Today, November 11, marks the halfway point in the retrograde cycle, as Mercury conjoins the Sun and creates a feeling of a much-needed reboot for everyone. Here’s what to expect, so you can reap aaaaaall those sweet bennies:


Mercury retrograding through Scorpio can make everyone feel mentally stagnant. It’s all about nonverbal, slow communication as opposed to witty banter and snappy mental energy. If you’ve been putting off some important emails or texts, today *might* be a good time to hit send, as Mercury, the planet of communication, gets a much-needed boost from the Sun.

You’ve heard a lot about retrogrades and retroshades, but there’s another important vibe in the retrograde cycle: the halfway point. You know how sometimes you have to hit rock bottom in order to reach that revelation and truly ~grow~? Mercury has gone to the depths and now begins to make its way back up, where it fuses with the Sun in what’s known as an inferior conjunction, and then resumes forward motion on November 20. Phew.


When a planet is at the center of the Sun’s placement, that energy gets infused with all things solar. Basically, Mercury is seated on a throne and treated like a queen on November 11, when it’ll have all the solar fixings at its disposal. We’ll all see a boost in revelations, ideas, and smoother communications.

While Mercury and the Sun join forces frequently, today in particular marks a rare astronomical event where Mercury will pass in front of it. It will actually be visible for some people! This particular movement only happens a handful of times each century, so today is a exceptionally powerful turning point.


While w’re getting that luscious solar infusion and some much deserved relief, Mercury is still retrograding through November 20, so retrograde rules still apply. Use caution while basking in this powerful and revelatory energy. Read over any big emails a few times, consider being as diplomatic as possible in any texts, and, when in doubt, opt for in-person convos over anything that involves tech right now.

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