We've found the cutest – and most practical – little jacket for dogs

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When it comes to doggie fashion, practicality is the order of the day. 

After all, it’s important our furry friends are kept insulated and protected from the elements, all while keeping comfortable. 

Ticking all these boxes, we’ve come across this jacket from Non-stop dogwear which is the perfect (or should we say paw-fect) choice for our beloved pets, fusing style and practicality seamlessly because we didn’t realise our dogs needed such things but here we are.

The USP of The Glacier is that it’s fitted with panels to mould to your dog’s body, with the capability of adjustment, meaning they won’t feel contained and can enjoy those doggie adventures without feeling restricted. 

If we could talk to the dogs to get their view we could, but sadly technology hasn’t come that far yet.

When it comes to human shoppers online, though, they’ve praised this jacket’s special features, with one writing: ‘Another handy feature is having elastic straps going around the back legs. This protects the coat from blowing over in the strong wind, and it also keeps it in place when the dog runs around off-leash.’

Another noted: ‘The Glacier is really top quality material with great insulation and covers his neck, belly and chest much better than other coats we had tried. No more shivering or trying to turn back to go home – he was enjoying his walks again, even when it was freezing or raining.’

While another simply said: ‘Great fit and easy to apply, my dog loves it.’

As the brand explains: ‘Some breeds, like Siberian Huskies and Malamutes, have a thick double coat and are born to live outside in cold temperatures. 

‘They will cope with cold weather in a much better way than short-haired dogs like Weimaraners or Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Many breeds with thick double coats actually prefer not to wear an extra layer, as it makes them too warm!’

Other features include a high-vis design meaning you’ll keep sight of your pooch no matter the weather, and drainage holes on the chest of the jacket to prevent water from gathering under your dog’s hair – perfect for those April showers. 

‘We all know that exercise is essential for your dog’s wellbeing, preventing issues such as obesity, boredom, and behavioural issues later down the line. And now you can ensure they’re comfortable doing so, whatever the weather.’

And because we know you’re dying to know, yes, they do make matching jackets for humans.

Check out the range here.

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