Wendy Williams In “Complete Denial” That Her Show Is Over

The Wendy William’s Show is set to conclude after nearly 14 years on air, but don’t expect the show’s eponymous host to take to her purple chair and bid farewell to her loyal fans. The embattled talk show host — who has been AWOL for the entirety of the show’s thirteenth season— is reportedly having trouble facing the music, and is in “complete denial” that her daytime talk show has been axed.

Debmar Mercury, the show’s production company, announced that production would officially wrap up “after 13 successful years in syndication” on June 17 — and sources say it’s been a bitter pill for Wendy to swallow.

“Despite the announcement yesterday from Debmar Mercury that the show is over, as of last night, Wendy was privately telling her close friends that the announcement is lies,” an insider close to the host revealed to The Sun. “Wendy is in total and complete denial. If you spoke to her, you wouldn’t know what to believe either- that’s how in denial she is.”

Wendy has been absent from the show throughout the thirteenth season. She announced a leave of absence to focus on her numerous health issues, including Grave’s disease, addiction, and a bout with Covid-19.

During Wendy’s absence, numerous guests have stepped in to take over hosting responsibilities on the show — including Sherry Shepherd — who was recently announced as her successor.

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“She hasn’t come to terms that she’s done on TV, that Debmar is done with her, and that she doesn’t have a show. She’s in absolute and complete denial,” the source continued, adding, “Wendy doesn’t have a show. She doesn’t have a manager. And she is still not capable of being on TV anyway,” the close source added.

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The mag reported earlier this week that producers had asked Wendy to pretape a final farewell to her loyal audience to air on the finale episode. However, Wendy wasn’t interested and refused to do it.

“She said ‘No!’ to production for a pretaped goodbye. She’s not at peace with what happened at all,” their source said. “She is blaming everyone but herself.”

The final episode will still feature a tribute to the iconic host.

Source: The Sun, Entertainment Weekly

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