We tried SwearBySkin’s LED Mask to see if it can really match a salon facial

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LED masks have long been used in the skincare regimes of Hollywood stars’ with thousands spent on the most powerful technology to reduce blemishes and tackle wrinkles while working lotions and potions deeper into the skin.

Up until recently LED facials have been confined to the luxurious chambers of high-end spas and salons, only booked by those with some serious pennies in the bank, or if you had the equivalent of a mortgage payment to spend on a fancy mask. 

But now, SwearBySkin has developed its own LED face mask that aims to give you all the benefits but, and this is the best bit, without the sky-high price. 

‘You may see quicker results with a very expensive device, but unsurprisingly, not everyone has a spare £500 to spend,’ says SwearBy Skin founder Shenae Rae, and we can totally relate.

The pain-free treatments claim to have a multitude of skincare benefits and aim to reduce acne, help fade hyperpigmentation, stimulate collagen and fight the signs of ageing.

At just £80, it has three functions that are built to reduce oil and bacteria on your skin, calm pigmentation and blemishes, and also smooth and firm the skin. 

You only have to put it on for 10 minutes up to four times a week. 

As one of the most affordable LED masks available, we had to try it.

‘I’m looking more refreshed’

As someone who is constantly looking for the Next Best Thing for her skin, an LED mask has been on my wish list for longer than I’d like to admit but I’ve always been put off by the price tag. The same goes for laser in a clinic.

When I saw the SwearBySkin LED mask and its amazing price point I had to test whether it could give me the same sort of results I’ve craving.

It’s suggested you use the mask for 12 weeks before you’ll start seeing the full benefits, but after four weeks I’m definitely seeing a certain glow about me.

Before bed, I cycle through the three colour settings – because we want *all* the benefits, after all, and each colour, red, blue and yellow, aims to give you a different outcome – while watching TV or reading, and I’ve even started to incorporate hyaluronic acid into the routine after reading the LED light helps the product sink deeper into my skin.

The blue light tackles blemishes, reduces blemishes and bacteria (Picture: Mel Evans)

I don’t tend to wear foundation or concealer daily and I’ve found that just after a month of wearing the mask several times a week that my skin texture has evened out, as well as tightened up, and I’m looking more refreshed without the need of packing on under eye concealer to mask a bad night’s sleep. Pesky spots that usually crop up on my chin have also mellowed out, so we love that.

If nothing, it’s also forced me to chill the F out for a good half an hour before bed. I just sit there, pop the mask on, and let it do its thing. For fellow glasses wearers, while not the most comfortable of additions, your specs also fit inside the mask so you can go about your life while wearing it.

I’m still a couple of months off the hallowed sweet spot of benefit-earning, and, to be honest, I’m pretty excited to see what my skin looks like at the end of it.

While, due to aforementioned tight pockets, I can’t speak on whether it stacks up against the pricier versions on the market, or the thousand-pound sessions of laser in a clinic, at this price point I would argue it’s worth the investment if you’re looking after a little glow-up from the couch.

Mel, 32, London

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