Watch These Kids Hilariously Imitate Neymar's Exaggerated Injury at the World Cup

Neymar might be the runner-up to his own acting on the soccer field.

In a new video published Wednesday, 10 kids are seen imitating the Brazilian soccer star’s now-famous on-field antics. The children, each kicking their own ball, are seen running from the goalie line toward centerfield, and then simultaneously throwing themselves on the ground as their coach yells “Neymar!” only to thrash in pain at the feigned injury.

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, 26, has been garnering attention for his exaggerated reactions to fouls from opposing team members, notably during Brazil’s match against Mexico on Monday, when player Miguel Layun accidentally stepped on his ankle.

What ensued was a prolonged, elaborate display of intense suffering, with the player flailing his arms, screaming, and writhing on the ground. Viewers were quick to capture the moment on social media, and reactions to his distorted response began trending on Twitter.

Many users pointed out Neymar’s history of overreacting, teasing that the player’s ongoing performances deserved an Oscar.

In fact, a new study conducted by RTS Sport revealed that the player has spent 14 minutes on the ground throughout the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, with the Mexico and Switzerland game standing out. During the latter match, Neymar is seen propelling himself to make not one, but three full body rolls on the ground.

But it’s not just soccer fans who are becoming frustrated with Neymar’s excessive foul kickbacks: Mexico coach Juan Carlos Osorio also complained about the overall impact of the stunt.

“We had control of the match, but to me it is just shameful that so much time could be lost over one player,” he said to ESPN.

Neymar will be back on the field Wednesday, when Brazil takes on Belgium in the World Cup quarterfinals. The Oscars, meanwhile, don’t roll around again until next year.

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