Vogue model wears sexy bikini for -8 degree cold plunge and raves about benefits

Model Kylie Vonnahme has opened up about the unique way she prepares for fashion shows.

The 24-year-old US beauty said she started cold plunging due to her love of ocean swims.

And she's never looked back, with the model saying she not uses it to help her get ready for big events and in her daily life.

Kylie, who has modelled for the likes of Maxim, Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, explained: "I started cold plunging because I spend a decent amount of time in The Hamptons.

"I would go for ocean swims all summer and would try to spend time in the water each day, even as the colder months were approaching.

"I find the ocean to be so grounding and good for my mental well-being.

"As the ocean temperatures became colder, I started to realise how good my body felt when I would get out of the cold ocean.

"I did a deep dive online looking into the benefits of cold plunging and found that this can be great for the body."

Kylie is originally from Dallas Texas, but now lives in New York.

She said that after a lot of cold plunging practice, she can now spend anywhere from 5-10 minutes in the ocean during the winter months.

"I typically plunge 4 or 5 days out the week, as often as I can really," she said.

Talking about the benefits of cold plunging, which she does in her swimwear, Kylie says it gives her energy and boosts her mood.

She continued: "The first thing you’ll notice after plunging is how much energy you have… it’s truly a mood booster!

"Physically, I find it helps boost lymphatic draining and helps get rid of any bloating that I may be feeling prior to plunging.

"The cold water is amazing for inflammation, so my body essentially feels de-puffed after this practice. My skin feels tighter and more awake after as well.

"I love working out and cold plunging is my favourite way to release muscle tension when I’m feeling sore.

"You do a lot of deep breathing during a plunge so I also feel that a plunge helps to open up my chest.

"There are so many benefits to this practice and that’s why I’m so obsessed."

Despite her love for the practice, Kylie admits her friend and family think she's 'out of her mind' for cold plunging so much.

"If you’ve ever experienced a New York winter, you know how cold it gets outside," she said.

"So the thought of going into the ocean during the freezing temperatures just seems unbearable for most.

"I always try to encourage the people around me to just give it a try anyways and then I’m convinced they would change their mind after.

"You feel amazing after a cold plunge and there is no denying that."

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