Vanilla Ice’s Performance At Trump’s Mar-a-Lago New Year’s Party Has Twitter Cringing

Donald Trump’s Florida resort held a New Year’s Eve soirée that’s getting Twitter ~very~ heated. In light of the pandemic, a packed, mask-less party was already a bad idea, but Twitter is pointing out some particularly cringe-worthy deets about the gathering. The main target on Twitter is Vanilla Ice’s performance at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago New Year’s party, because the choice itself is pretty wild.

Amid a pandemic, Trump’s party at Mar-a-Lago featured a mask-less crowd and cost up to $1,000 for attendees. Although Trump skipped out on the party, his son Donald Trump Jr. attended, alongside other GOP guests such as Kim Guilfoyle, Eric and Lara Trump, and Rudy Giuliani. Although the situation is problematic in more ways than one, Twitter is taking on Vanilla Ice’s performance at the party. It all began after Trump Jr. shared his thoughts in a live stream on Facebook. “OK, this is amazing. Vanilla Ice is playing the Mar-a-Lago New Year’s Eve party. As a child of the ’90s you can’t fathom how awesome that is," he captioned the post. "Beyond that, I got the birthday shoutout so that’s pretty amazing," he concluded.

In case you’re not familiar with Vanilla Ice’s controversy, he went to court over the 1989 song "Ice Ice Baby," because it reportedly sampled the bass line to the 1981 Queen and David Bowie collaboration "Under Pressure." Following a settlement, all members of Queen and Bowie received songwriting credits on the tune. Ice also faced reported domestic abuse charges in 2001.

Although Trump Jr. seemed happy to get a Vanilla Ice performance on his birthday, Twitter is losing it over the entire ordeal.

In the video, you can see Trump Jr. lip-syncing some of the lyrics and Vanilla Ice performing "Ice Ice Baby." Shortly after the live hit, Vanilla Ice began trending on Twitter.

Some people are calling Vanilla Ice "on brand" for the mask-less gathering:

Others are pointing out how negligent the gathering was in light of the ongoing pandemic:

Some are wondering why Vanilla Ice was picked to perform:

The combination is just too much.

One fan is bringing back a video from a Jim Carrey performance as Vanilla Ice from Saturday Night Live:

Is the best part of any of this Trump Jr. saying he’s a child of the ’90s when he was born in ’77? Probably. Everything is is just too ridiculously bleak.

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