Two Air Force personnel spotted dangling their legs out Hercules on training run

An extraordinary moment captures two US Air Force personnel dangling their legs out the back of a plane as it flies over the idyllic Welsh valleys.

The man and woman were spotted hanging their legs out the back of a C-130 Hercules as it soared around 300mph just 250ft from the ground.

Two US Air Force personnel are seen grinning taking in the the mountains of Snowdonia National Park, North Wales.

US military and the RAF participate in low level manoeuvres.

The C-130 Hercules was designed by Lockheed Martin after the US Air Force asked manufacturers to produce a new plane for transporting troops in the Korean War.

Run by a four engine turboprop plane with a payload of 45,000lbs, it is considerable in size at 92ft long and with a wingspan of 132ft.

Photographer Mike Smith told The Sun: "I couldn’t believe it, it was amazing. It looks like they were on a training exercise. Sometimes they have training sessions and rides around here but I’ve never seen anything like this.

"It just looked like they were having a little joyride."

Designed for use on unprepared runways, the C-130 quickly became used for disaster relief and search and rescue by the US and its allies including Britain and Austrailia.

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