Try this TikTok hack on how to get yourself a new pair of shoes using a balloon

Tik Tok has taken the world by storm and during lockdown we’ve been throughly entertained.

The endless scrolling has become slightly addictive and the brilliant videos have certainly made us laugh.

From fashion hacks to viral video challenges, we’ve seen a lot.

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  • This is how to check if jeans, trousers and skirts will fit without trying them on

Every week there seems to be a new viral trend for us to have to try, and we’ve found another thats equally as weird as it is fascinating.

TikTok user @amyboiss uploaded this video that we can’t wait to give a try.

Throughout these past couple of months some us have been fuelling our shopping habits with regular online sprees but if you've been missing that shopping hit and fancy a new pair of shoes, you might want to give this a try.

Amy's boyfriend tells her that he has got her a new pair of shoes, but all is not quite what it seems as her boyfriend simply holds up a pair of yellow balloons. Not quite the footwear we are sure she had in mind.

In the hilarious video, Amy and her boyfriend give you a walk through on how to get yourself a pair.

They simply blow the balloons up so they’re fairly large. They need to be big enough so that they're larger that your foot. (Don't tie them up but do secure the ends between your thumb and finger so they don't deflate).

Amy can then be seen getting comfy and positions her feet on top of the balloons, whilst her boyfriend holds the tips.

He then deflates the balloons and Amy stands up, making sure to keep her feet pressed on the balloons, this causes them to encase her feet.

And voila! You get a snazzy pair of shoes.

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Whilst this video has us giggling, we don’t think we’ll be seeing people rush out to purchase multiple packs of balloons. But who knows, they could be a huge hit for the catwalks.

We may not be wearing these to strut down the streets but they could definitely been an option when cleaning the house or nipping into the garden.

The video has had over four and a half million views, so it's safe to say, people are loving or laughing at the idea of it.

One user commented "That banana colour looking “shoes” are so stylish".

So when you have some spare time, why not treat yourself to a nice pair of balloon shoes.

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