It Was Tough, but We Did It: These Are Beyoncé's 10 Sexiest Music Videos

It Was Tough, but We Did It: These Are Beyoncé’s 10 Sexiest Music Videos

Queen Beyoncé has been killing the music video game (as a solo artist) since 2003, when the iconic visuals for “Crazy in Love” came out and we all collectively exclaimed “hot daaamn!” As her music develops through the years, Beyoncé continues to own, flaunt, and be proud of her sexuality (as she should!) and works every inch of her killer body in everything she does. Obviously, someone as crazy talented as her is going to create an endless list of amazing videos (“Single Ladies” is a classic), but we’re calling these 10 videos her sexiest so far. Pour yourself a cool glass of lemonade, because it’s about to get too hot in here.

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