Tonya Harding’s Determined To Win ‘DWTS’: ‘I Deserve To Be Here’

Don’t call it a comeback! Tonya Harding is eager to show the world she is worthy of their affection by competing her butt off on ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

Tonya Harding, 47, may not be able to ice skate anymore, but she’s definitely free to dance! After the premiere episode of Dancing with the Stars, Tonya opened up in an interview to reveal how happy she is to be competing on the show. “I was very excited,” Tonya shared. “I was wanting to just go out and do the best that I could, have fun doing it and I did. Sasha [Farber] turned me into a lady, a graceful lady, on the dance floor and I showed America that I deserve to be here and to be a part of this truly amazing eent with other great and truly amazing athletes.”

The world saw an entirely different side of Tonya on Dancing with the Stars, and it wasn’t just her graceful moves on the dance floor. They also saw that she was genuinely excited to be there, and humbled by the standing ovation her dance number received — especially after almost being eliminated. “It’s truly amazing. I thank God for having making me go through to the second round and I’m ready to go because I don’t want to go through that again,” Tonya explained. “That was really scary. My heart was beating so fast. I didn’t want to go already.”

So, what can we expect from Tonya in future DWTS episodes? Her partner, Sasha, says they are going to “lift the bar” for future numbers. “This is the most amazing show ever,” Tonya added. “I haven’t felt this alive in so long except when I found out I was going to have my son.” So sweet!


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