Tinder Australia releases dating dictionary of terms

New Gen Z ‘dating dictionary’ reveals the terms ALL singles should know in 2023 – from ‘kittenfishing’ to ‘rizz’ and ‘OTP – so how many do you know?

  • Tinder Australia has released a list of the latest dating terms and phrases 
  • Terms included ‘affor-dating’, ‘cushioning’, ‘rizz’, ‘kittenfishing’ and ‘benching’

A ‘dating dictionary’ of terms used by young Gen Z singles has been launched to decode the new age lingo for millennials and Gen X-ers looking for love in 2023.

From ‘cushioning’ to ‘dateview’, the latest terms and trends have been defined by Tinder – and many are words relatively unknown to the masses. 

It follows a study that revealed that 62 per cent of 18 to 25 year olds feel they speak a very different language than older singles when it comes to dating.

Tinder has released a list of words and phrases all singles need to know – from ‘affor-dating’ to ‘rizz’ and ‘kittenfishing’ (stock image)

What’s the latest dating lingo? 


Short for ‘a­ffordable dates’ and refers to dates like coff­ee catch ups, walks or sober dinners that don’t break the bank.

‘Aff­or-dating is the only way I’m going to be able to ask this girl out.’


Keep someone warm or on the ‘reserves bench’ without really meeting up. This often happens through constant but irregular communication, with no binding date set for a meet up  

‘He’s either legitimately busy 24/7, or he’s benched me.’

Beige Flags 

Beige flags are early warning signs of incompatibility and are often found in people who are quite basic and boring.

‘I got immediate beige flags when her bio said, live, laugh, love.’ 


Refers to keeping several alternatives or backup relationships (safety pillows) in case the main relationship isn’t permanent.

‘I don’t know why he’s still going when she calls.’ ‘Cushioning?


A date that feels more like an interview because no natural conversation develops, but a person constantly ‘processes’ their questions 

Dip/dipping/ dipped

Slang for leaving.

‘I was only at the party for an hour before I dipped.’ 


It effectively involves ending a date because of someone’s lack of commitment to the environmental cause. 

‘I eco-dumped him after he said climate change was fake.’ 


When you meet a new partner’s friends 

Frugal Flirting

Like a­or-dating, frugal flirting is about dating within your means. Frugal flirtin

‘Frugal flirting my way to this walking date.’

Green dating

Green dating is when you choose to date someone based on shared values, particularly when it comes to the environment. 

‘I think I have subconsciously been green dating my whole life.’ 


Changing aspects of yourself to appear more attractive to others. Unlike catfishing, this refers to things such as falsely depicting your actual physical appearance rather than making up an entire identity

‘Now that I met her in person, it’s obvious that she was kittenfishing.’

Next on deck

A term for the next person in line to date if things don’t work out with a current love affair.

‘I really don’t have high hopes for this boy.’ ‘Yeah I guess he’s been a bit hot and cold recently. Who’s next on deck?’ 


Abbreviation for the expression ‘one true pairing’ (meaning dream couple). The term is often used to describe a romantic or platonic favourite couple in a story or film

‘Have you seen Wednesday yet? Wednesday and Enid are our new OTP.


When someone has an ability to charm others easily. Can be referred to as ‘game’

‘They have rizz’ 

Sneaky link 

Meet a person regularly to have sex with each other without anyone knowing about it.

To be honest, we have been seeing each other for about three months.’ ‘Seriously? That’s a long time to be a sneaky link.’ 

‘Affor-dating’ is the latest term used to describe ‘affordable dates’, such as coffee dates, walks, or sober dinners, while ‘frugal flirting’ is all about dating within your means. 

Most know about the term ‘catfishing’ but ‘kittenfishing’ refers to when someone changes aspects of themselves to ‘appear more attractive to others’. For example, editing photos to make you appear taller. 

Valentine’s Day can be tough for many singles, and some will resort back to an ex – which is referred to as ‘recycling’.   

Others may find themselves in a ‘text-lationship’ where two people message frequently but rarely (if ever) meet in person. 

It follows a study that revealed that 62 per cent of 18 to 25 year olds feel they speak a very different language than older singles when it comes to dating 


Which term is most relevant to you?

Which term is most relevant to you?

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The dating world can be brutal, and some on the scene with more options than others can end up ‘benching’ something. 

This is when a single keeps someone on the ‘reserve bench’ in their contacts without meeting up, which can occur through constant but irregular communication, with no binding date set for a meet up. 

The term ‘stashing’ also describes a situation where a person spends long periods of time with a partner but never ends up meeting their friends or family.

The word ‘rizz’ can be used to describe someone with the ability to charm others easily. 

The term ‘sneaky link’ is also used when a person meets someone else regularly to have sex with each other without anyone knowing.

And a ‘daterview’ is a bad meet up that’s more like a job interview than a date. 

Some people who write text in a very ‘dry’ or bland manner are also often referred to as ‘dry texters’.

Tinder Australia spokesperson, Kirsty Dunn said: ‘We’ve seen a massive shift in how we connect and date – and along with that, the language we use to talk about dating and sex continues to evolve.’ 

‘If you’re in the dating game, you’re likely scratching your head wondering what everyone’s talking about when they say they’ve been ‘breadcrumbing’ or they got ‘ghosted’. It’s a wild world out there, and this guide could be the key to saving your love life,’ dating expert, Jana Hocking added.

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