TikToker is slammed for comparing disabled children to 'vegetables'

Influencer is slammed for calling children with disabilities ‘ugly’ and comparing them to ‘vegetables’ in shocking live stream

  • Influencer Kerrie Baker was called out for mocking children with disabilities 
  • TikToker from Crewe called disabled children ‘vegetables’ during discussion
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An influencer has been slammed for calling children with disabilities ‘ugly’ and mocking them online. 

Kerrie Essex Baker, from Crewe, faced a wave of criticism after comparing disabled children to ‘vegetables’ in a live stream with her husband Darren which was removed by TikTok after viewers called it ‘sickening’ and ‘vile.’ 

In the controversial live where she discussed abortion with Danny, Kerrie was seen mocking the looks of disabled children and using several derogatory terms to describe them. 

The mother, who is known for sharing videos about shopping hauls and parenting, added that she feels ‘sad’ for severely disabled children because she believes they can’t do anything. 

In spite of apologising in a later video, Kerrie’s is currently not available on TikTok, and a Change.org petition to remove her from the platform has gained more than 7,000 signatures. 

In the video, which has since been removed from TikTok, Kerrie and her husband Danny could be seen discussing abortion when the influencer brought up the subject of disabled children. 

She said people should have the right to get an abortion if: ‘you’ve not consented or your baby is literally going to be a vegetable and have no life.

‘You know what I’m saying, like can’t walk, can’t talk,’ she said, before making a face mocking children with severe disabilities. 

She made the face several time throughout the video where she aired her thoughts on disabled children.  

British Instagram personality Kerrie Baker landed herself in the hot seat after comparing disabled children to ‘vegetables’ in a live stream with her husband Danny which was removed by TikTok after viewers called it ‘sickening’ and ‘vile’

Kerrie, pictured, has apologised since her video, saying everything she had said in the live stream was ‘vile’ 

Viewers branded the live ‘sickening,’ and called for Kerrie’s removal from TikTok. She later apologised for her comments 

Danny was seen laughing at Kerrie’s remarks, with the influencer also laughing in concert. 

After people objected to her comments during the live stream, she doubled-down, saying: ‘That’s my opinion, if you want to bring that kid up and have no life, that’s up to you.’

She then went on to comment on the looks of disabled children, and told people to ‘f*** off; if they didn’t share her opinion. 

The controversial video was poorly received on TikTok, where several parents of special needs children condemned Kerrie’s ‘vile’ and ‘sickening’ comments. 

Following the backlash, Kerrie released a video trying to explain she ‘felt sorry’ for children who are severely disabled. 

In the controversial live where she discussed abortion with Danny, Kerrie was seen mocking the looks of disabled children and using several derogatory terms to describe them

Her partner Danny appeared on the video with Kerrie and laughed at her comments throughout the live 

In the video, she said that parents of special needs children have ‘no life’ and said she wouldn’t want to bring up a child with severe disabilities 

An apology video published by Kerrie before her TikTok account was de-activated did little to calm the fury surrounding her remarks 

Her husband Danny also apologised for the video, saying:  ‘Yes, it should have been worded different on the other video and Kerrie has apologised for that, we never meant to cause anyone any hurt or upset.’

She also later shared an apology on the platform before her account was de-activated. 

‘I’m utterly sorry, I really am sorry. It takes a lot for me to say sorry, but I know I’m wrong.

‘A wise woman told me today “it doesn’t make you strong being a hard face, it makes you strong owning your s*** and being sorry.

‘I genuinely want to say I’m so sorry for how many people I’ve affected. I’ve spoken to parents today and I’m genuinely sorry at the way I made people feel,’ she added. 

‘Every single thing that I’ve said, that was vile and horrible,’ she said, adding: ‘Looking back, that ain’t the person I am, there’s not more than I can say, apart from I am sorry

‘You don’t have to forgive me,’ she said to the viewers, before adding: ‘I want you to go to bed tonight knowing I’m genuinely sorry for what I’ve said.

‘I ain’t this naffy person that people think I am,’ she added. 

In spite of the apology video, a Change.org petition was filed, asking TikTok to remove Kerrie from their platform. 

‘Kerrie is a female on TikTok with a huge following. She was on live abusing disabled children, calling them “cabbages”, and ugly, and no one should bring them into the world. 

‘She then went on to “hysterically laugh about her mimicking of disabled kids. This is disgusting and it has affected millions of people on TikTok,’ the petition read.

As it stands, Kerrie’ account cannot be found on the platform. It is unknown whether she de-activated it herself, of if she was removed from TikTok.   

Some of the people reacting to her and Danny’s video were deeply shocked by the language the influencer used. 

Viewers branded Kerrie ‘horrible’ for her comments, with some saying she knew exactly what she had done wrong

‘She’s a horrible person mocking child with disabilities,’  one said. 

‘Horrible, vile piece of s***. How dare she slag off vulnerable children like that and this it’s okay. Imagine being related to her. She’s an embarrassment.,’ another wrote. 

 ‘If she had just said her opinion in a normal way. it’s the faces, the laughing, the mocking, the names!! Just shocking,’ another said. 

‘It’s the fact of the names she was calling and making of it, no excuses,’ one said. 

‘She’s not sorry for what she said, she’s only sorry for the backlash she’s receiving,’ one commented. 

‘You knew exactly what you were saying and then you started cackling about it,’ one said.  

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