This Is How DaBaby Earned $5 Million… And Could Lose It All

DaBaby’s name is a big one in the music industry, and his talents and contributions to the world of music are undeniably impactful. Although he has been heavily immersed in creating music since a very young age, the 29 year old star exploded on the scene in 2019 after releasing his first studio album and getting signed by Interscope Records. His rise to fame was a quick one. DaBaby managed to release one album after another, all while maintaining a very heavy tour schedule. Just as he was soaring to the very top of his career he suffered a series of setbacks and misfortunes which have not only put his $5 million at risk, but are also threatening his ability to generate future earnings. Digital Music has reported on the fact that DaBaby has been canceled, and social media has erupted with his name being mentioned for all the wrong reasons. This is the story of DaBaby’s rise and fall.

DaBaby’s Rise To Fame

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The artist known to fans as DaBaby may have become famous to mainstream society in 2019, but his rise to fame began with tireless work behind the scenes well before that time. Passionately throwing himself into his music at a young age, Jonathan Lyndale Kirk was once known by the stage name ‘Baby Jesus’ before deciding that name was too religiously controversial for some fans. By the time he changed his name to DaBaby, the Cleaveland, Ohio native had already released a series of mix tapes and was aggressively trying to promote himself, in search of his big break.

Legit reports that his debut mixtape called Nonfiction was released in 2015 and was soon followed by ; “God’s Work mixtape series, Baby Talk mixtape series, Billion Dollar Baby, and Back on My Baby Jesus Sh*t.”

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Sitting At The Top

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In January of 2019, DaBaby signed with Interscope Records, and his life was immediately transformed. He started earning millions of dollars, and his net worth began to grow exponentially.

Under his new label, his first studio album, Baby On Baby was released, and it peaked at number 7 on the Billboard 200 charts.

Riding the wave, DaBaby released the album Kirk, which immediately catapulted him into the number one spot. DaBaby soared to meteoric fame and became a household name in no time at all.  His hit singles, Suge, Bop, and Intro were all the rave with fans, and DaBaby continued his rise to fame by releasing yet another album that same year; Blame It On Baby.

This album skyrocketed with the huge hit single, Rockstar, which featured Roddy Ricch, and spent an astounding 7 consecutive weeks in the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

Now recognized for his impeccable flow and signature style, DaBaby was releasing collaborations with mega stars like Dua Lipa, Drake, Lil Baby, Megan Thee Stallion, Quavo, Post Malone, and Camilla Cabello, just to name a few. DaBaby’s tour schedule was as rammed as the crowds were at each concert, and he had finally made it to that pivotal level of fame. Money was rolling in faster than he could count it.

Sitting at the top of his game, and right before he was just about to soar, things started to turn in a very different direction…

The Downfall

Unfortunately, 2020 wasn’t as kind to DaBaby as 2019 was. He started off strong, but within 3 months, the global pandemic forced the live entertainment world to shut down. At the height of his career and with so much on the line, DaBaby continued to pump out the hits and produce music, but the bulk of his income was tied to live tours, streaming of his tunes by the fans he connected with through his performances, and the sale of merchandise. Thanks to Covid, this all came to a grinding halt.

After a long haul that consisted of lockdowns, quarantines, masking restrictions, and a completely changed way of life, DaBaby resurfaced from the pandemic with a refreshed outlook and energy that was ready to be let loose onto his live audience once again. Fans lined up to see his performance at the Rolling Loud concert, but they had no idea they were about to witness the very moment that DaBaby fell from grace. As he addressed the crowd, DaBaby made comments about people living with Aids and those who were HIV positive that were highly offensive to the LGBTQ+ community.

This was the beginning of the end.

DaBaby Gets Canceled

It took no time at all for DaBaby’s fans, who once loved and adored him, to completely turn their backs on him. Immediately following his homophobic comments at Rolling Loud, the world watched in complete and utter dismay as every successful avenue DaBaby had established for himself, came crumbling down around him.

The backlash he faced was relentless, and one by one, his performance contracts and live appearance deals began to pull out. Fans began to express huge disappointment, and there was obviously a lot of love lost between DaBaby, and his fans.

The artist who was once in high demand as a collaborator, was now seeing push-back from the very people he had once recorded music with. Dua Lipa issued a public statement clarifying to her fans that in spite of the fact that she released music with DaBaby, she doesn’t stand behind his beliefs, or his words and actions. She declared her alliance to be  with the LGBTQ+ community, and turned her back on DaBaby entirely.

The scope of this epic fail was fully visible when DaBaby’s entire future folded around him. Celebrities from all aspects of the entertainment industry ranging from music, to Hollywood actors, all came forward to diss the artist and drag him for his homophobic beliefs.

Nobody wanted to work with him, or be associated with him in any way. DaBaby was officially canceled.

He still is.

DaBaby was well on his way to achieving endless earning potential. In one very short year, he managed to catapult himself to incredible heights of fame and fortune, and he now stands to lose it all. With a current net worth of $5 million, the possibilities for a successful future that were once limitless, have all dried up.

DaBaby was one of the most sought after artists that was truly making waves in the world of music, but at this time, nobody wants to be associated with him in any way.

Whether or not he can find a way to overcome his severely tainted image, remains to be seen.

For now, fans hope he has stashed some of his savings and not foolishly spent his millions, as there are no immediate opportunities opening up for him in the music industry anytime soon.

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