This clever hack turns a bottle of Corona into a delicious summer cocktail

Cocktails are all well and good until you have to make them yourself.

Complicated, time-consuming and messy, it’s a much more pleasurable experience to have an expert prepare one.

Yet in summer, the desire for a fruity and appetizing drink can become too much. With the sunshine, heat and buzzing atmosphere, it’s hard to ignore the cocktail craving.

However, we have discovered a foolproof option to make at home that requires very little preliminary effort and zero cleaning up in the aftermath.

The ‘Corona Sunrise’ is a clever little drink hack that changes a standard bottle of Corona beer into a delicious summer cocktail.

It’s doing the rounds on TikTok and is sure to be a go-to tipple for the remainder of summer.

Cool, crisp and syrupy at the same time, it sounds like a dream beverage.

So, what do you need to make it?

Y’all need to try this now 🤤 #coronasunrise

First take a bottle of Corona, a dash of tequila, some orange juice, a drop of grenadine (a sweet syrup used in cocktails), and a lime wedge.

Take a few sips of beer to begin, this ensures extra space in the bottle for the ingredients.

Next add the tequila, orange juice, grenadine and lime wedge to the bottle.

Give the bottle a swirl to mix everything together, add a straw and you have yourself a refreshing and tasty cocktail.

It really is that easy!

Will you be trying the ‘Corona Sunrise?’

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