This Birthday Candle Hack Will Prevent Germs From Getting on the Cake

While blowing out birthday candles on a cake is thrilling for the person with the honor, it’s by no means a sanitary tradition. This has been especially obvious now as the pandemic persists. One TikToker shared a creative hack for those who still want to blow out birthday candles but avoid spreading germs in the process, and it’ll certainly do the trick.

TikToker @krystal_rochelle_ shared the method that involves sticking candles to the clear plastic cover on a store-bought cake. The key is to melt a little wax onto the cover first, and then place each candle on it. The cover, obviously, will protect the cake inside from bad breath and stray spit when the birthday person blows toward it.

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Instead of using wax, you could also use glue. If you’re having a homemade cake, you could find some type of cover to put over it to try the hack as well. Some people in the comments section shared other germ-free alternatives including using a hair dryer to extinguish the tiny flames or a plate to fan them out. You could also serve cupcakes and only put candles on the one meant for the birthday star. That’d work with single cake slices, too. Honestly, you could even give the birthday person their own mini cake and have a separate one for sharing.

Whatever clever hack is used, it’s time we stray away from the traditional way of blowing out candles on cakes. It’s an easily avoidable transfer of germs!

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