The most daring looks celebrities have worn to meet the Royal family from Lady Gaga to Kanye West

Ever thought about what you would wear if you met the Royal family? Well some celebrities will have had to think about this on a few occasions, whether it’s to be rewarded their MBE, or they’ve received an exclusive invite to the Royal Variety Performance.

Let’s be honest, you’d play it safe, stick to the royal protocol – no bare legs, hemlines below the knee, no cleavage on show… etc etc.

Well, some celebrities clearly didn’t receive the memo and chose some rather peculiar clothing choices. We’ve rounded up the most daring outfits celebrities have worn to meet the Royal family and you won’t believe some of them…

Lady Gaga

First up, we’ve got Lady Gaga, of course.

The singer met her majesty back in 2009 at the Royal Variety Show in Blackpool, we’re well aware she was never going to turn up in a beige skirt suit that’s for sure, but she instead opted for a red latex Atsuko Kudo gown teamed with red face paint.

Kanye West

Remember those white shutter plastic sunglasses that everyone owned? Yep well Kanye West decided not to take them off while posing for a photo with Prince William and Harry. To be honest, we bet the pair were quite starstruck themselves at that age they but not taking your sunglasses off while meeting the Royal family is surely not very cool?

Enrique Iglesias

Another Royal Variety Performance meeting but this time with singer Enrique Iglesias.

Let’s just take a minute to just acknowledge what he’s wearing for a meeting with The Queen…oh jeans, a grey t-shirt and unbuttoned white shirt of course.

Geri Halliwell

Appearing next to Prince Charles at the Manchester Opera House, Geri Halliwell looked her usual Ginger Spice self, but we’re not sure the Royal family would necessarily approve of her sparkling blue mini shorts and huge platform trainers.

Cara Delevigne

We’re big fans of Cara Delevigne and this dress in fact, but flashing some side boob for Prince Charles and Camilla? We think not. She also wore a leather belt as a headband which we’d love to hear the backstory on.

Elizabeth Hurley

Now Elizabeth Hurley looks absolutely sensational, we’re quite gutted this dress is 22 years old now but the plunging neckline and thigh high split was a bit risqué for a night standing next to your potential future king.

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