The French hip bag brand has women swooning from all over the planet

Who needs Chanel! ‘It bags’ from hip French brand take over Instagram as influencers from around the globe show off their affordable arm candy – costing from £253

  • French label Elleme is the rising brand to keep en eye on when it comes to bag 
  • Influencers from all over the globe sport the small handbag wherever they go 
  • Prices range between £253 to  £443 for a wide variety of sizes and materials

With the price of designer handbags rocketing, finding an affordable accessory with high-end style – that isn’t a ubiquitous Michael Kors tote – is the holy grail.   

But a little-known French brand, Elleme – pronounced ‘ell-m’ – is conquering Instagram with its small handbags, which come in leather and faux fur. 

From Paris to London, Berlin and even Canada, the label’s offerings have been spotted on the arms of hip of influencers across the globe. 

Elleme’s pieces come in a variety of styles and colours, and vary in price from £253 to £443. 

The price tag means the bags are much more accessible than designer pieces, but they’re expensive enough to have a level of desirability. 

Fashion blogger Emma Hill, taking her Elleme bag for a spin in London. Fashionistas around the world are loving the French brands’ items

Fashion blogger Hanna Renee, from California, with her Baozi bag from Elleme, which is priced around £357

The brand’s most popular item is the £413 Raisin handbag, so-called because of its round shape, which features a round handle and structured corners. 

The Baozi, which the brand introduces as the new and improved Raisin, costs £357 and comes in a vast range of colours, materials and finish.

It takes its name from a Chinese dumpling, and its shape is meant to resamble the treat.  

The Boazi is available in leather, as well as in different versions of faux-fur. 

British style blogger Rachael Clifton swears by this tan Elleme option, which complemented her brown boots and shirt perfectly 

Edith Poelt, a fashion blogger from Munich, sported the cute Baozi bag in white faux-fur with snake print booties 

Russian-Born Parisian fashion blogger and model Xenia Adonts picked the Boazi in white faux-fur

Toronto girl Alexa showed off her Raisin handbag during an outing this summer. She called it the greatest warm-weather bag of the year

Elleme, a play on ‘elle aime’ – ‘she loves’ in French – captured the attention of influencers around the world were spotted with the discreet yet stylish hit-bag for the new age. 

Fashion blogger from Toronto Alexa called the Raisin bag the ‘greatest warm-weather bag’ of the year. 

She said the bag was a trusted Summer companion she would keep wearing this autumn. 

London Rachael with the Baozi handbag. The Raisin and Boazi model have been seen around Instagram all summer long 

Actress Nicola Cheung Young, 43, from Hong Kong  

It’s the perfect price point, given that demand for mid-range priced bags has never been higher.

High end brands such as Mulberry and Chanel have always been expensive but around a decade ago they came with a much more attainable price tag.

A Chanel 2.55, for instance, cost around £750 but now the prices range from £1,790 for a clutch to almost £5,000 for a handbag.

It’s meant that the demand for the middle ground is higher than ever with customers who are willing to splash out a few hundred pounds on a quality bag always on the lookout for the next big thing.

Michael Kors firmly cornered the mid-range market over the past few years and turned the designer into a billionaire.

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