‘The Challenge’ Preview: Marie Teams Up With The Lavender Ladies As They Plan To Oust Bananas & Tony

In this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of ‘The Challenge,’ Marie is back in the good graces of the Lavender Ladies — and they’re even letting her in on their plan to vote Johnny Bananas and Tony into elimination! Watch here.

Marie has found herself on the outs with some of her best friends on The Challenge: Final Reckoning, but it looks like that’s about to change during the Oct. 30 episode! In this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek, Marie spends some quality time with the “Lavender Ladies,” Sylvia, Ashley and Shane, during a night out, and they even let her in on their plan to vote Johnny Bananas and Tony into the next elimination. “We’re all voting Bananas, you’re fine,” Ashley tells a worried Marie, who fears she and her partner, Cara Maria, are going to get voted in.

“The only reason we didn’t vote them last time is because they were safe,” Sylvia explains, with Ashley adding, “We’re not f***ing scared. We’re doing it.” The group goes onto explain to Ashley that they know they’ll never beat Bananas and Tony in a final challenge, so they want to get them out of the game as soon as possible. Marie mentions that she wants to be part of the plan, and Shane reveals how she can help — by throwing Tony and Bananas off of the idea that they could be voted in. “Go around still b****ing that we’re voting for you,” Shane urges.

“So this really comes down to me making sure that I play this up,” Marie realizes. Sure, maybe the alliance is using her, but she’s willing to do just about anything to keep herself out of the Armageddon. “When it comes to survival and keeping myself out of elimination, I’ll do whatever I have to do,” Marie explains.

Meanwhile, it looks like the drama between Bananas and his former flame, Natalie, is also coming to the forefront now that she’s won her way back into the game. During the same night out, Natalie spends time with Hunter and Nelson, who are Johnny’s sworn enemies in the game, and he’s not pleased about it.

However, unlike on The Challenge: Vendettas, Natalie isn’t just going to cave because Johnny tells her to. “Johnny, since I got back in the Main House, was telling me he doesn’t want me talking to Nelson or Hunter,” Natalie says. “But I’m my own person, I’m going to play my own game. I’m not going to do what Johnny wants me to do anymore. I can’t trust him.” We’ll see how it all plays out when the full episode airs at 9:00 p.m. on MTV on Oct. 30!

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