The best places in UK to take a photograph

We’ve all been there.

Trying to get the perfect spot for a fantastic photo.

But it seems that if you’re looking for a great location to take the perfect photo in the UK, you need to head to Brighton Marina, as it has been voted for the top slot across the nation.

Followed by Oxford University and Tower Bridge in London in second and third spots.

Tower Bridge in London became the top spot for a photo in the capital, followed by the London Eye, Trafalgar Square, and Buckingham Palace.

It’s harder than it looks: the lighting has to be right, there has to be a great photographer who can command crowds to not walk through as you get that award-winning shot.

But could there be more to it?

A study by Google Pixel 3a and a team of social media experts pinpointed the exact locations for the photo backdrops to get the perfect photo.

Tips for top photos

Time of Day:

When looking for a good shot getting the right time of the day is essential. In popular locations your best chance at success will be going at sunrise and sunset (or as photographers call it, the Golden Hour).

Natural Light: 

Avoid harsh shadows that are created in the day by taking a photo at sunset or sunrise.

Artificial Lighting: 

Utilise artificial light at night-time. It’s probably best to use a tri-pod, but there are settings on phones that could make for great night-time shots.

A Great Camera:

Worth the investment, but make sure you’re comfortable with it and it can handle different lighting well.

According to the study, Brits seem to love their home turf so much that when given the option to spend £500 on travel anywhere in the world – the saving you’d get from buying a top-end smartphone – the Lake District came in a close second, just following Paris.

The study also revealed that many Brits enjoyed capturing the money shot and it was a key part of their day when out and about in their favourite location.

About the study, prolific portrait photographer Linda Blacker said: ‘The best backdrops are those that are instantly recognisable like London’s/UK’s top spot, because this provides an exciting opportunity to capture an iconic landmark in a whole new way, your way.

‘However, no matter how great the backdrop is, having a camera that you can rely on to capture a high quality image first time, every time is essential.

‘This is particularly important at locations with high footfall, like many popular landmarks, where you might only have one chance to take the perfect snap.’

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