The best Love Island arguments of all time: From Faye and Teddy to Michael Griffiths and Anna Vakili

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Love it or loathe it, you can't deny that ITV2's Love Island has brought us some top tier TV moments.

As much as we adore getting to know the contestants and watching them for head-over-heels, the best parts are always the dramas and the fall-outs.

Although only a couple might pop into your head when thinking about explosive arguments which occurred in the Love Island villa – there's actually been so many that they deserve their own hall of fame.

From 2019's "CHALDESH" and "I was coming back here to tell you that I loved you", to retro season two's bleeding noses and strippers going head-to-head… Here are the best and most iconic arguments in Love Island's seven-year history.

Season 5 – Maura Higgins overhears Tom Walker being cocky

Tom Walker really shot himself in the foot after he mugged off Maura Higgins in front of the boys.

The by-now long-forgotten-about Mancunian Islander thought it'd be a brilliant idea to boast to the guys: “It’ll be interesting to see if she’s all mouth or not”… When the Irish beauty was stood right behind him and well in earshot.

At the time, the couple had just won a night in the Hideaway, which unfortunately for Tom never ended up happening, as Maura was livid with Tom’s sexist bragging, and rightly put him in his place.

Season 5 – Curtis Pritchard wanted to make everyone coffee in the morning, not cuddle Amy Hart

The iconic argument between Curtis Pritchard and Amy Hart will go down in the history books as one of the most quotable moments of the series.

After the ballroom dancer returned from Casa Amor alone, leading “half-girlfriend” Amy to believe he shared the same feelings as she did for him, she wasn’t happy when he decided to make moves on newbie Jourdan.

Amy kick-started the argument with: “I was coming back here to tell you that I loved you”, before listing some of her concerns towards hers and Curtis’ relationship.

Her kind-hearted request of “I just want a cuddle in the morning so that I can feel appreciated & loved” was swiftly met with possibly the worst excuse in the history of Love Island: “I know but I need to make everyone coffee in the morning otherwise they won’t have energy for the day ahead”.

Season 4 – Rosie Williams confronts Adam Collard… Who couldn't give a monkey's

Rosie Williams’ attempt to drag 2018 “villain” Adam Collard was incredibly cringe-inducing, but it made for some incredible TV.

The Welsh solicitor stomped across the villa’s garden in her heels and went to confront the Geordie fitness fanatic over the way he’d been speaking badly of her to the other islanders.

Rosie decided she would call Adam out in front of absolutely everyone, but his stone faced expression made it clear he couldn’t care less, making it very painful to watch.

Season 5 – Jordan Hames has his head turned just after asking Anna Vakili to be his girlfriend

Jordan Hames told India Reynolds he liked her just after asking Anna Vakili to be his girlfriend, so it isn’t exactly a shock that fiery pharmacist Anna flipped when she found out.

Curtis Pritchard had revealed to then-partner Maura Higgins that he was stressed about his pal Jordan’s feelings for India, and was worried on his behalf.

Of course, Maura put the girls first, running straight to Anna to tell her about Jordan’s head being turned, announcing that he’d told the boys his relationship with Anna was done, despite having literally just asked her to be his girlfriend.

The best (and most cringey) part was that India had no interest in Jordan, subsequently putting him in a vulnerable position given that Anna was absolutely done with him and his player ways.

Season 5 – When Michael Griffiths called Anna Vakili “chaldesh”

Following the dramatic and savage re-coupling post Casa Amor, Anna Vakili went in on Michael Griffiths for ditching Amber Gill.

Poor Amber is crying on the day bed, being comforted by legend Ovie Soko, and Anna pulls Michael for a chat.

It seems to be going fairly calmly until Anna asks for examples of the “things that have gone down” between Amber and Michael that caused him to recouple.

Michael soon turns frustrated and says Anna is acting “chaldesh”, a moment which is now a famous meme, as well as the Liverpudlian Islander's most defining quote.

Season 4 – Ellie Brown calls Georgia Steel an "ugly c***"

Ellie Brown called out Georgia Steel after she went on a date with Jack Fowler and tried to kiss him whilst he was coupled up with Laura Anderson.

Despite Georgia repeatedly stating she was "loyal, babe", Ellie didn’t seem to think so.

The row ended in Ellie calling her an "ugly c***", which she later apologised for.

Season 7 – Faye Winter and Teddy Soares’ post-Casa Amor fallout

Feisty estate agent Faye Winter was livid after watching Teddy Soares state his sexual attraction towards Clarisse in Casa Amor before proclaiming "I'm technically single" in a chat with the lads afterwards.

Faye kicked off at all of the male Islanders, branding Teddy a "two-faced p***k" as they had it out in the kitchen, before Teddy called Faye a "t**t" and walked away.

Although the pair looked to be done with each other, with Faye telling Teddy she wanted to carry on her Love Island journey alone, Teddy’s persistence and feelings for Faye meant they reconciled before they made things official.

Season 3 – Jonny Mitchell calls Theo Campbell a "gigantic b***end" after shock recoupling

Hilarious. Iconic. Who wouldn’t remember this fabulous moment when Theo stole Jonny’s partner, Tyla.

The recoupling might've left us feeling a tiny bit sorry for upset Jonny, but Theo’s impression of the Essex geezer was pretty hilarious, ngl.

Season 3 – Georgia Harrison stealing Kem Cetinay from girlfriend Amber Davies

Anyone who watched season three will remember Amber's hilarious reaction to Georgia swooping in as a bombshell and picking Kem in the recoupling.

Kem and his then-missus Amber had just made their couple status official only moments before, as the Islanders were partying away at a white party before red-dressed bombshell Georgia walked in.

Blonde beauty Georgia had no idea what had happened in the villa over the past few days, coupling up with Kem as she thought he was still single.

Amber stormed off to the smoking area (aka the best place for the biggest drama, we miss it so), Georgia followed and tried to chat to her explaining her decision, but Amber is having none of it.

Season 4 – When Laura Anderson called Megan Barton-Hanson a “f*****g s**g” after she stole Wes Nelson

It seems crazy now to think Wes Nelson and Laura Anderson were once Love Island's most solid-seeming couple.

That was until the former engineer’s head was turned by bombshell Megan Barton-Hanson when he kissed her in the snog, marry, pie challenge.

Wes really put his foot in it when he told Laura he "could be happier" with Megan.

Raging Laura stormed off after making it clear that Wes would “never, ever, ever, ever get this chance again”.

She then shouted across to Megan: “Nice one Meg, cheers for telling me”, calling her a “f*****g s**g”.

Season 2 – Malia Arkian getting physical with Kady McDermott

Kady McDermott and Malia Arkian's argument is quite possibly the most explosive row that's ever happened on Love Island.

It all started when Kady accidentally spilled some wine on Malia just as she arrived and sat down next to her.

Malia leapt from her seat, accusing Kady of spilling it on purpose and the pair started screaming and physically fighting, and Malia was subsequently ejected from the villa within an hour of arriving.

Kady claims that Malia injured her when she "punched her in the nose", and that she caused her to bleed.

Season 2 – Malin Andersson being flown back to Spain to confront Terry Walsh

Although this didn't involve screaming or shouting, it was one of the most awkward confrontations in Love Island history.

Malin, who was essentially Terry's other half, had to leave in a cruel twist following a public vote, and despite his assurance that he only had eyes for her, he jumped straight into bed with newcomer Emma Woodhams.

Heartbroken Malin had to watch Terry and Emma have sex on national television, so was flown back to Majorca, and confronted Terry, who was incredibly blasé about the whole situation.

Season 3 – Jonny Mitchell and Camilla Thurlow's feminism argument

Essex lad Jonny was getting to know the villa's sweetheart Camilla when he asked the incredibly intelligent Islander "eurgh, you're a feminist aren't you?"

People's princess Camilla held her cool despite Jonny's sexist comments, replying "shouldn't we all be?"

She attempted to educate the vest-wearing geezer, but it became too much for her and she broke down over his views.

Season 2 – Thong-wearing Kady McDermott and Olivia Bowen throw tantrum over Tina Stines and Liana Van Riel's arrivals

Elite season two was full of raging rows, and the arrival of Tina Stines and Liana Van Riel meant the two bombshells had to pick two male Islanders who had to "go on a break" from their current partners so they could date them.

Tina picked Scott Thomas for her date, and Liana picked Alex Bowen, meaning Kady and Olivia had to be locked up in the hideaway (which at the time, was by the villa's entrance).

Whilst Olivia was angry, she kept her composure a little bit more than Kady, whose fiery temperature was apparent as she screamed and whacked every piece of furniture in the hideaway.

She called Tina a c*** when she was on her way to the date, then rubbed her bare bottom on a window in Tina's direction when she returned.

Season 2 – Liana Van Riel confronts Adam Maxted over "f**k and chuck" comment

Season 2's Liana became 2016's feminist icon after putting Adam Maxted in his place over his sexist and disrespectful comments about her.

Whilst engaging in some lovely 'lad banter', Adam stated that Liana wasn't the kind of girl you take home to mum, but was someone you'd "f**k and chuck", saying he would "b*ng her, then choose Tina".

The comments likely stemmed from Liana proudly stating she worked as a stripper, but the ironic part was that Adam also worked as a stripper.

Liana found out what Adam had said, approached him on the day beds, saying: "How dare you say that comment when you didn’t even know me?

"What, because I’m a stripper and you can say I’m going to 'chuck her and then have the posh girl?'"

Whilst trying to defend himself, Adam called it "lad banter", to which Liana responded: "Lad banter? How is that lad banter? You say you’re a gentleman, how is that gentlemanly? It makes you look like a d**k!"

The Irishman looked entirely unbothered as he cockily eat his Snack-a-Jacks and gave an unenthusiastic apology.

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