The Bachelorette: Did You Catch That Cam Already Has a Rose When He Enters the Mansion?

Cam had things a little easier than his fellow contestants on The Bachelorette‘s first episode. When Hannah met a handful of Bachelorette contestants during Colton’s After the Final Rose special, she gave Cam a rose after being impressed by his freestyle rapping.

The other contestants may not have been thrilled when Cam started joking about getting the first impression rose on night one since he already had a fresh rose pinned to his lapel. (Of course, he didn’t walk away with two roses — Hannah gave the first impression rose to Luke P.) But the rose ceremony was probably a lot less nerve-racking for him than for the others.

Plus, Cam may have a slight advantage over some of the other contestants, thanks to his hometown. As Cam told Hannah when they first met, he’s from Texas, which makes him a fellow Southerner. He also gave Hannah a “Roll tide!” during their After the Final Rose meeting, sacrificing his loyalty to his own alma mater, Texas A&M.

“When they said it was you, it was a pleasant surprise / Now I’m standing here, looking straight in the eyes,” Cam rapped to Hannah at their first meeting. “All the other dudes got me feelin’ so stressed, so I say, ‘All aboard Hot Mess Express!'” He ended the rap by throwing in her nickname, Hannah Beast, before blowing a handful of rose petals her way. The rap clearly won her over, and Hannah asked Chris Harrison if she could give out a rose on the spot.

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