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DEAR DEIDRE: IF I hadn’t written to you a few years ago, my step-father might never have been brought to justice. 

He sexually abused me as a young child, which left me with huge trust issues.

I’m now 46, and I contacted you because I wanted advice on whether I should report him, all these years later. 

You were so understanding and didn’t put pressure on me. You reassured me that what happened was in no way my fault. 

But you also pointed out that if I didn’t report him, he could hurt another child. 

I read your support pack, Abused As A Child, and  picked up the phone to talk to someone and ask for professional help.

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Support group NAPAC ( were very helpful. 

After some counselling, I decided to go to the police and report my stepfather.  I had to make a statement via video link, which was very painful.

He was charged and found guilty at court. It turned out I wasn’t the only child he’d abused. Thank you for supporting me through the process.


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DEIDRE SAYS: It has been a privilege to help you see this through, and I’m so pleased to hear that your stepfather can no longer hurt anyone.

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