‘Teen Mom OG’: Tyler Admits He’s ‘Not Happy’ With Catelynn — Is Their Marriage Doomed?

Yikes! Are Tyler and Catelynn in trouble? The Nov. 19 episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’ put their relationship struggles back in the spotlight as they prepared to head into counseling together.

Tyler and Catelynn‘s marriage troubles were on full display during the Nov. 19 episode of Teen Mom OG, when Tyler reiterated how important it was for Catelynn to fill out the questionnaire that his therapist provided them with. Catelynn took the opportunity to ask her husband what “issues” he wanted to work on, and he didn’t hesitate when he said, “Communication and keeping each other accountable.” She didn’t quite understand what he meant by being held “accountable,” so he further explained, “If we make a plan or want to do something, then make them accountable for it. Don’t let them slip back into stupid stuff…like, ‘Hey listen, we said we were going to do this, we need to do this.’”

Tyler then explained that “sticking to plans” and “caring enough” to do so are two things he finds to be more important in working on their relationship. Catelynn then pointed out that he seems “frustrated.” He agreed, adding, “I’m done with the talk. I want more of the walk.” And when she explained that it’s scary to “open up all those old wounds,” she said she’s not against doing the work that needs to be done. “I’m not trying to use it as an excuse at all but it’s just hard when you have a lot of trauma stuff that you have to work through. It’s scary.” And the thing that was most alarming was when Catelynn asked Tyler if he’s happy, and he said NO. Ouch! Let’s hope these two can work out their issues because we’d hate to see them split up.

Meanwhile, Amber traveled back to LA for a charity boxing event — and no, not the same one Farrah Abraham almost fought in. This fight was to help young kids in bad situations or those who have been affected by mental health issues. Amber felt the cause was close to her heart, so she willingly agreed to participate. And she even admitted that the sport had helped her deal with her own issues in the past.

Later, Maci took all her kids to Texas to visit Taylor’s family, but Bentley almost didn’t go, as Jen and Larry wanted to take him to Austin instead. Sadly, they asked a little too late, since Maci’s trip to Texas was already planned. She asked Jen and Larry to let her know more in advance the next time they want to take Bentley on a trip with them, and they seemed okay with that. They told a producer that they’re always going to ask to have time with Bentley since the worst answer they’ll ever get is “no”.

To find out what happened with Cheyenne and Zach this week (hint: they broke up), click here! And as far as Bristol was concerned, she just had some trouble getting Levi to sign a contract so Tripp‘s trust fund could be activated. He was just being lazy about it, but he finally signed it and even gave Bristol $250 to help pay for Tripp’s plane ticket to Alaska.

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