‘Teen Mom 2’ Season Premiere: Kailyn Blasts Javi’s Romance With Briana

Yikes! Season 9 of ‘Teen Mom 2’ kicked off with a bang on May 7, when Javi and Briana’s budding romance caused some major drama amongst the cast!

The Season 9 premiere of Teen Mom 2 started with Chelsea heading to see her lawyer so she could sign more paperwork to hyphenate Aubree‘s last name. Aubree seemed more than okay with the idea of adding DeBoer to the end of her name, but her dad, Adam Lind, had some reservations. He expressed, via his lawyer, that he’d be okay with the name change if and only if Chelsea stopped making him pay child support — and forgave him for anything he still owes on it. During a discussing with dad Randy, Chelsea said she wouldn’t be cool with that, so she’s going to move forward and file a motion to change Aubree’s name without Adam’s consent.

Meanwhile, Kailyn struggled to find a name for her newborn baby boy — but after 2 months of contemplating, she finally settled on Lux… even though her friend and Lincoln both expressed their hatred for the name. But even so, that wasn’t the worst of Kailyn’s drama this week. Later in the episode, she was informed by Leah that Briana and Javi were going to be staying in a hotel together when he takes the boys to Florida for a Disney vacation. Kailyn was excited for Isaac and Lincoln to go away with Javi until she heard Briana and Briana’s family were also going to be staying in the same hotel suite. (Side note: Briana revealed this information to Leah while they were getting ready for the MTV Video Music Awards together. Leah then called Kailyn and shared the info she had learned.) Kailyn eventually confronted Javi about it, and he told her to mind her own business. Then, when Kailyn FaceTimed the boys while they were in Florida, she overheard Isaac talking to Briana’s daughter Nova. In that moment, she realized it was basically a joint vacation and the two families were doing everything together — something that obviously irked Kailyn. When Kailyn talked about the vacation with her ex, Jo Rivera, she blasted Javi and pretty much insinuated that Briana is “loose”. She also said, “Javi likes to s*** where he eats.” Yikes!

And as far as Jenelle is concerned, she spent most of the premiere dealing with the fallout from Nathan‘s mom accusing David of abusing Kaiser. All of the details were already revealed in the news a few months prior to this episode airing, but in case you’re unaware, Nathan’s mom filed a motion to get emergency custody of Kaiser after she noticed alleged bruises on Kaiser’s butt. She claimed Kaiser said David often punches him in the face too. When a producer asked Jenelle about it all, she said that that’s what David says when he “play fights” with the kids — “I’m going to punch you in the face”. However, Nathan was also seen telling his friends that whenever Kaiser does something by accident, he immediately covers his butt in fear of getting spanked. Nathan believes this is because David spanks Kaiser a lot. At least, that seems to be the accusation Nathan was making. Jenelle was also left in tears towards the end of the episode, when her mom sold a story to Radar Online, telling the magazine that she too believes David abuses the kids. Jenelle just kept crying, as she feels her mom is trying to ruin her life.

It looks like this is going to be one wild season of Teen Mom 2! We can’t wait to see what happens next.

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