Surgeon turns women into ‘Barbies with doll-like vaginas’ – but it’s pricey

Barbie is definitely on the brain at the moment.

With the new film hitting our screens, and Margot Robbie looking a complete vision of beauty, it's no wonder that people are keen to go pink.

And now – thanks to one surgeon in the US – people can undergo a "dream surgery" that vows to transform them into the doll as long as they have $US120,000 (around £91,000) to spare.

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The plastic package is being offered by Dr Scott Blyer, of Cameo Surgery Centre in Long Island, and allows people to chose from one of three body surgeries, a facial surgery and the chance to get "classic Barbie hair".

According to New York Post, Barbie girls can also bag pink nails and a teeth whitening package as a part of the makeover.

And – if you're a bloke – fear not, as there's also a "Ken" version that includes body liposuction, six-pack etching, fat transfer to the chest and face fillers.

Dr Blyer told The Post: "For some it may just be a breast lift or Brazilian butt lift.

"For others, it’s liposuction with a breast augmentation and a couple of facial modifications."

And – if you decide to have the treatment – you'll get to travel in style.

This is because patients get chauffeured to and from the surgery in a pink Corvette.

"There is a procedure on the labiaplasty for women after pregnancy," added Dr Blyer.

"Many times, their vagina lips get stretched out – we trim them and they can look cute and we say all the time, ‘You’re going to look like Barbie’.

"That seemed to, like, really connect with a lot of people.

"When the movie was announced, we tried to rethink of a way to sort of package everything as a group deal."

The link is quite ironic as our modern Barbie doll – actress Margot – admitted the doll doesn't actually have reproductive organs.

Even so, the surgery has attracted a lot of attention, and the surgeon said patients are willing to splash a lot of cash to upgrade their bits.

Alexa Tiefenworth, a 29-year-old real estate agent who is investing in the procedure, spoke about her decision to transform her look.

She claimed lots of people aspire to look like a "perfect Barbie doll", and she sees it as the "ultimate compliment".

Alexa admitted her entire apartment is already Barbie pink, and she loves it.

She believes the treatment will "give her an edge" in work, and also thinks being beautiful "gets you a little further in life".

Additionally, Daniela Martinez, 29, is having the makeover in a bid to find her Ken.

The bartender hopes transforming her image will help her to be more confident when it comes to finding a man, as well as feeling more comfortable in her own skin.

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