Supermoon horoscope: What to expect from Friday’s Full Moon in Aquarius

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July’s Capricorn New Moon helped push you out of your comfort zone to head towards your “true north”. The Leo New Moon helped you tap into the self-belief it’ll take to achieve your goals and ambitions. Now, to help liberate and sprinkle your own unique dust comes the Aquarius Full Supermoon. spoke to Moon Mentor and author of ‘Lunar Living: Working with the Magic of the Moon Cycle and Crystals for Self-Care’, Kirsty Gallagher (@kirsty_gallagher_ on Instagram), to find out what’s in store for Friday’s Supermoon in Aquarius.

The Aquarius Full Sturgeon Supermoon will arrive on Friday, August 12 at 2.36am BST.

Appearing bigger and brighter than usual due to the Moon’s closer orbit to earth, this Supermoon will not only be a particular spectacle for onlookers, but it also conveniently exhibits everything the Moon has to offer in this transit.

Kirsty said: “In case you hadn’t felt it, this is a powerhouse of a Full Moon coming in strong to continue the work of the triple conjunction and Lionsgate portal and free you towards where your soul is calling you to go.

“In the same way as the triple conjunction did, the energy around this Full Moon may feel uncomfortable, heavy, chaotic, confusing and there may be some big emotions coming to the surface.”

Things may initially feel worse than they are, according to Kirsty, especially while this Moon works with the triple conjunction and the Saturn-Uranus square energies.

Kirsty said: “You may find yourself doubting your path, yourself, what you have to offer, the changes and decisions you are being called to make, your beliefs and whether all of this is even real and true.

“The main message I want to give you in these times is to trust yourself, trust your soul, trust your journey, trust the universe, trust the process, and trust the Moon.

“We are in one of the biggest awakenings and upgrades we’ve had in our lifetime.”

As one of the more forward-facing and independent signs of the zodiac, expect progressive thoughts and fresh perspective during this transit.

Kirsty said: “This Full Moon is going to bring a reality check.

“It’s going to reveal what needs to be revealed. It’s going to shake up what you thought you wanted and knew. It’s going to uncover what you’ve been in denial about or avoiding. It’s going to disrupt the status quo.”

“It’s going to shake and test you, but this is where the magic of this Moon lies.”

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Despite being one of the more collective signs, individualism rules under an Aquarius Moon, according to The Moon School.

This means this bright, expansive lunar energy will encourage you to really be yourself and embrace your quirks, passions, and hobbies.

Kirsty said: “It’s now the time to be the change maker, be different, be disruptive, be rebellious, be quirky, be unique, be you.

“No more toeing the line or being who you think others want or expect you to be.

“The more you show up as you, the more you will feel this as a powerful and exciting time to be here on earth.

“Let go of all the ways you hide, silence, doubt, censor, shrink and deny yourself. All that keeps you from knowing and being yourself, all that keeps you feeling less than or questioning your worth.

“Let go of what is old and outdated and break free of all restrictions that hold you back from what you truly want.

“Time to be unapologetically you, and then watch the magic unfold.”

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