Superdrug slashes the price of beauty advent calendars by up to 50%

AS the countdown to Christmas begins, those prepping their gifts early could bag a bargain on beauty advent calendars.

For deal hunters, there are savings of up to 50% to be had at Superdrug this year, with brands including Dove and Revolution topping the list.

The coveted calendars, which sold out quickly in last year’s festive period, are packed with a range of products — from lipsticks to cream eye shadows and hair treatments. 

Despite the fact there is still two and a half months to go until Christmas, scooping up deals early on can help you save cash. And these offers are bound to sell out fast.

Biggest reductions come from the Real Techniques advent calendar and Revolution, which have halved their prices from £70 to £35.

There are also offerings from Superdrug's own brand and a Minnie Mouse 12-day calendar for the Disney lover in the house.

We've tried to tot up the total of the products to make sure these are truly giving you value. It's always worth doing your own research to make sure a deal checks out.

Dove Refreshing Rituals 12 Day Advent Calendar, reduced from £20 to £15

Dove offers a 12-day advent calendar, with a Nourishing Secrets Refreshing Rituals gift set. 

Offerings for treating yourself on the 12 days of Christmas include: a travel-sized (50ml) shampoo, conditioner and body wash, as well as Rich Nourishing Body Cream (75ml) and six beauty pampering items.

You can expect a mirror, tweezers, a glass nail file, hair ties, nail clippers and a credit card holder with your other products.

Since some of the products are travel-sized it's difficult to tell whether this one adds up when bought individually. Elsewhere, a Dove travel set would set you back between £6 and £10.

Revolution Advent Calendar, reduced from £70 to £35

The Revolution calendar offers a bumper set of 25 products to keep you going all the way through December.

The set includes two matte lipsticks, four lip glosses in different shades, makeup brushes and mirrors as well as exclusive eye shadow pallets among other products.

One thing to be wary of with these items is that it really is a lucky dip for what you get.

Reviews on Revolution's calendar have customers complaining of "awful colours" and "cheap pallets". Another review said the brushes fell apart "within three days". Its average rating out of five is 1.3 from four reviews posted this month.

It's difficult to tell whether this deal adds up, because many of the products are exclusive. An eye shadow pallet from the Revolution website could set you back as much as £20, while a set of brushes costs around £15.

Real Techniques Advent Calendar, reduced from £70 to £35

It doesn't state exactly what is in the Real Techniques advent calendar, but the photos suggest you can expect blending sponges, tweezers, hair clips and ties and false eyelashes.

The Superdrug website says it's filled with the band's most-loved products.

Superdrug Studio London 12 Days Gift Set, reduced from £60 to £30

The 12 days own brand Superdrug gift set offers eye shadow, blusher, powders and lip glosses. Suitable for glamming up for all your Christmas Zoom parties these are full-sized products

This set offers a smaller range of products to the 24-day advent calendar, which is also reduced (from £30 to £20).

The 24-day range includes nail polishes, body glitter and a lip pencil.

Disney Minnie Mouse 12 Days Advent Calendar, reduced from £20 to £10

The Minnie Mouse Advent Set offers 12 days of body wash, lotions, bath salts and fizzers, lip balm, hand cream, a body puff and two nail files.

Delivery is free from Superdrug when you spend more than £15. It's also free when you opt for click and collect.

Other products that will get you excited for Christmas include these half trees from Argos and Very. They'll take the stress out of decorating.

M&S also has Percy Pig pies on the shelves which taste like the sweets. Instead of the usual mincemeat filling they have a Percy Pig jam and sponge.

M&S is also selling light-up snow globe gin bottles as part of its Christmas 2020 range.

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