Steph Curry Fears For Pregnant Ayesha’s Safety At NBA Finals After Fan Shoved Her In Belly

Steph Curry is desperately worried about wife Ayesha after an aggressive fan shoved her eight months pregnant belly. We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on what he’s doing to protect her in the NBA finals.

Poor Ayesha Curry! She’s had a really rough third pregnancy with five hospitalizations for extreme morning sickness. Now that she’s finally past it, the eight-month-pregnant mama to be is having to ward off horrible NBA fans who hate on her Golden State Warriors star hubby Steph Curry, 30. The 29-year-old got her pregnant bump shoved by an aggressive Houston Rockets fan in the Western Conference finals. He taunted her during the Houston/GSW game five on May 24 both inside and outside the Toyota Center. Now Steph is desperately worried about his very pregnant wife during their NBA final series against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“Steph flipped when Ayesha told him she had been shoved in the belly, his worst nightmare is having something happen to her and his unborn child. He loves having her at his games, but this incident has brought up a lot of anxiety for him. He fears for her safety and for the baby. He would love it if she’d sit this playoff season out. He needs to be focused on the game and not worried about her. But Ayesha’s refusing to stay away so the only thing Steph has been able to do is up her security, she’s going to be surrounded by security so no rowdy fans can get to her,” a pal of Ayesha’s tells EXCLUSIVELY.

A super agro Rockets fan named “Houston Corey” took video taunting Ayesha outside of a game and posted it on Twitter after Houston beat the Warriors 98-94 in game five. She swiftly responded back to claim he shoved her pregnant bump during the game. “The fact that you have the audacity to post this after this man bumped me in my 8 month pregnant belly asking and I quote ‘doesn’t losing feel like getting punched in the gut?’ And continued to follow me and taunt me with his camera is beyond me…but ‘This is America’ right,” she wrote on Twitter in response to the vid. How awful she has to go through something like this just to be a supportive NBA wife!

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