Sports Illustrated shifts Swimsuit Issue to May, when it’s actually bikini season

NEW YORK – The upcoming Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is moving its publication date, pushing it from the chill of February to warmer May, closer to bikini-weather.

Editor of the issue MJ Day tells The Associated Press the shift makes more sense for greater impact. “This is where it works, this is where it’s great,” she said. “It’s always hard to think about buying a swimsuit when its 18 degrees out.”

Day, who spoke by phone from a warm but undisclosed spot where some of the upcoming swimsuit issue will be photographed, said May is the time when many readers start to think about beaches and pools.

The switch also unlocks other locations in the world for the models and photographers, who usually need to have wrapped up photographing eight weeks before the issue goes to print.

“We were so limited with our timing,” said Day, who has been with the magazine since 1998. “There’s been a whole set of places that have been off the table for us because their summers are when we’re not shooting.”

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