Sofia Richie & Dad Lionel Fighting Over Including Scott Disick In Their Father’s Day Plans

Sofia Richie and dad Lionel Richie are not agreeing about how to spend the upcoming Father’s Day holiday and it all has to do with whether or not Scott Disick can join them for dinner.

Eek! Sofia Richie, 19, and her dad Lionel Richie, 68, have been arguing over whether or not Sofia’s beau Scott Disick, 35, should join them for their Father’s Day dinner on June 17 and things are not looking pretty. “Lionel doesn’t want Scott around on Father’s day and Sofia is not happy about it,” a source close to Sofia EXCLUSIVELY shared with HollywoodLife. “She has been arguing with her dad to be more accepting and patient with her boyfriend. But it’s hard for her dad to keep an open mind because Scott is so much older than his daughter and he has such a bad boy reputation. Sofia wants to spend Father’s Day with Scott, and enjoy his kids with him, but she also wants Scott to join her for dinner with her dad too. She feels if her dad would spend more time with Scott, he would see what Sofia sees in Scott. Sofia knows her boyfriend is nice, funny, sweet, kind and much different than what, her dad, or other strangers think about him.”

Sofia’s feelings may come from a place of love but let’s face it, Scott’s history with women is probably not what Lionel or other dads want to see. Although Sofia has seemed to tame Scott’s casual dating ways, we can understand why a father would still be weary and want to protect his daughter but it seems to definitely be making things difficult for Sofia. How can any girl choose between her dad and her love?!

Lionel’s fear about Sofia dating Scott has been present for a while. He’s joked about it in interviews but his opinion seems to be anything but a joke. Since Scott and Sofia’s relationship has already reportedly had some ups and downs, we’re not sure if Lionel will ease up anytime soon. We hope he and Sofia can work things out eventually and keep their loving relationship as father and daughter in a good place with or without Scott!

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