Social media users share hilariousworkplace mishaps

They had one job! People who botched tasks such as painting traffic signs and installing a tap may be getting the sack – but at least they’ll make you laugh

  • People from around the world have been sharing employee mess-ups they found
  • Hilarious snaps reveal mishaps that didn’t quite hit the nail on the head first time
  • The situations include a road sign that’s unclear whether it points left or right 
  • Meanwhile another snap shows a workman’s cone that has been built into a road 

Sometimes even the best intentions fail, and at least if it all goes wrong you might make someone laugh – even if you’ve made a total mess of the task you were supposed to complete.  

People from around the world have shared the most bizarre mistakes they have ever come across, with the very best collated in a gallery by Bored Panda.

One photo shows a notice that mixed up the words ‘drug’ and ‘work’ to create an utterly confusing call for builder to take narcotics while on the job in the Philippines.

Elsewhere, a painted failed to keep within the lines by taping up the wrong part of the wall. 

Here FEMAIL reveals some of the funniest mishaps spotted online. 

Who needs data protection! A computer programme announced someone else’s password to another user, so let’s hope it was someone with honourable intentions  

This parking lot is topsy turvy to say the least—forget about trying to find your car when you’re tired in this maze

We’re lost! The signmaker for this London backstreet left drivers more than slightly confused when they couldn’t decide if people should turn left or right

Get the party started! This builder’s notice from the Philippines actively encourages drug taking on company time instead of prohibiting it 

Although the location of this leaf shape is unknown, it’s clearly only a mistake if this road isn’t located in Canada

Water disaster! The plumber of this sink must have forgotten that basin bowls are much more useful when water can be collected inside them

The authors of this educational anatomy book made an unforgivable error when they neglected to put an adult sized skeleton in an adult sized body

Want to look like Gary? It looks like this Amazon seller forgot how to spell grey while advertising hats 

Could this be a portal to the American Hogwarts? Or simply a Starbucks construction worker who got confused about directions

Well that’s one way of checking COVID-19 temperatures… although it definitely won’t hold up in court

This US painter forgot that when taping up to stay within the lines you have to tape the bits you don’t want to paint

This right here is the very definition of someone who said, ‘Yes i definitely did what you asked me to do…’

These trees from a US city were completely neglected by construction workers who must have decided they were best surrounded by brick rather than soil

An unsuspecting customer from the US food app, Dasher, was left extremely confused when an obscure picture of their delivery was sent to them

This US doctor’s office trying to find out a patient’s allergies forgot that being allergic to allergies makes little to no sense

This advertisement from the UK supermarket Tesco, made an unfortunate placement when choosing this sweet little boy with no feet to sell their shoes

The sign maker that has a great opportunity on this US min road neglected to upload a file and instead created a Windows 8 mistake

This road sign from an Indian road is supremely confusing and insists that YOU should be the one to turn 

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