Social media users recreate their favourite works of art

Life imitating art! Social media users recreate their favourite paintings and sculptures in VERY amusing thrown together images as viral trend returns for lockdown 2.0

  • Social media users have recreated their favourite artwork in lockdown trend
  • Idea first emerged earlier this year and has enjoyed an online revival lately
  • Chosen works include Girl with a Pearl Earring, a Pharaoh, and American Gothic  

Social media users have been recreating their favourite works of art using items found around the house in a viral trend that has enjoyed an online revival in recent weeks. 

The trend was first sparked earlier this year by LA-based Getty Museum, which encouraged people to give it their best shot using whatever they had to hand.  

Now more social media users are joining in on the fun, including people living in England who are spending more time indoors due to lockdown. 

They have shared their attempts on Facebook, including a dog doing an admirable impression of the Girl With A Pearl Earring and a couple from London capturing the boredom in Walter Sickert’s Ennui 1918.   

Here are some of the wackiest creations… 

The latest batch of light-hearted attempts have been shared on Facebook as one art fan (right) from Liverpool re-enacted a version of Michael Kvium’s masterpiece (left)

Goya’s 19th-century Saturn Devouring His Son (left) is renowned for its intimidating scene but that did not stop one fan, from the UK, n from recreating the gruesome details (right)

One woman, from Wolverhampton, went to great lengths as she straddled her bannister (right) to recreate the sultry scene in Gil Elvgren’s Sliding Down The Bannister Pin-Up Girl (left)

Striking a power pose in a wicker chair and holding a staff, one man (right), believed to be from the UK, channeled his inner Pharaoh (left) during the artwork reenactment 

One woman, from the Isle of Wight, replicated the 19th-century Lady in Black Riding Dress with Horse (left) with her ‘Lady with mop head & toilet roll horse’ (right)

One man, originally from New York, struck a pose (right) to match that of the Self-portrait by Frederico George 1939 (left)

One couple from Catford, London, did not miss a single detail (right) as they recreated Walter Sickert’s Ennui 1918 (left)

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One woman, originally from Michigan, and her adorable pooch (right) recreated A Lady with a Dog by Giuseppe Maria Crespi, c. 1690-1700 (right)

This adorable pooch also got in on the action as his owner, originally from California, wrapped him up (right) to recreate Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring c1665 (left)

One woman, believed to be from the UK, went to great lengths (right) to recreate The Chatterers by Harry Wilson Watrous in 1913 (left)

Wood’s American Gothic (left) from 1930 has often been re-created but one couple, from Glenfinnan, Scotland, went the extra mile to accurately pose (right) for their own masterpiece 

Greek God of the Sea Poseidon commanded attention in his striking sculpture (left) and one art lover, from Attleborough, Norfolk, stripped down to his waist (right) to recreate the look

An unknown artwork showing a woman hunched over a well in despair (left) was uploaded with the caption ‘life imitates art’ and was compared to a light-hearted recreation as one art lover, originally from Austria, cuddled up to a toilet (right)

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