Shaggy And Sting Gear Up To Release Collaborated Album

Let’s face it. This year’s Grammys were not that interesting to many people. The awards show had the lowest numbers of viewers in its history according to Nielsen ratings. It was not that the show or the issues surrounding the show were that boring. In fact, there were many things to get excited or to get upset about.

Bruno Mars won every award for every category that he was nominated for. Jay-Z got snubbed with no awards coming from any of his nominations. Women performers were upset that they were under-represented at the Grammy awards this year, and the Grammy President Neil Portnow responded by saying “women should step-up their game.” This rude comment by Portnow, according to the New York Times, created a major backlash.

That is a lot to take in for those that actually watched the program. However, our favorite moment was like a calm, spiritual awakening, which rose above all this fray. It was the performance by Sting with Shaggy.

Billboard called them the “Not So Odd Couple.” It is a strange combination, for sure, however, it was spectacular because they obviously appreciate each other as very talented musicians and like performing together.

The masterful successes of Sting’s career need not be repeated here. He is one of the music industry’s still-living treasures, with plenty of creative spark left in him.

Not only was their duet performed well, they also gave an example of how to lighten up the energy with a special “subway” carpool karaoke skit they did together with James Corden. It was staged, but it shows the passengers on the subway train, especially one irate man, attacking Condron and hitting him in the nose because he does not like the music.

Afterwards, James Condron is sitting next Shaggy on his left, with Condron having tissues sticking out of his bloody nose and Sting, on his right, who says “Whose bloody, stupid idea was this?”

The irony of the subway karaoke skit could have been lost on some viewers. NME reported that Shaggy and Sting were the most unlikely partnership to appear at the Grammys. Well, everyone is in for a surprise because Sting and Shaggy made an album together called 44/876 that will be released during April 2018.

These two masterful musicians got together, started to jam, and then write songs they love based on their mutual respect of Jamaica, the music, its people, and its culture. We can hardly wait for the new album to come out in April 2018.

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