Rick Ross Gets Slammed With $11,000 A Month Child Support Bill

Rick Ross, one of the most prolific artists in the rap game, has just been slammed with a hefty child support bill after the courts granted his ex Brianna Singleton the funding she was seeking to take care of their three children. After much back and forth between the pair, it has been revealed that Rick Ross will be obligated to produce a whopping $11,000 each month in child support payments, effective immediately. This is yet another case of celebrity breakups that ultimately leads to a battle of finances, and this payout is going to be a big one.  TMZ reports that the $11k monthly bill isn’t quite where this story ends, either. According to court documents, it seems there’s a chance that Rick Ross will also have to cough up another $3,000 per child each year, depending on the choices that Brianna makes regarding their health care and extracurricular activities.

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Each time a celebrity relationship ends up in a breakup, the attention of fans immediately turns towards the couples’ finances, and the calculation of penalty payments and support payments launches as fast as their romance once did.

A number of high profile celebrities have been forced to foot hefty child support and spousal support bills so far this year, including Kelly Clarkson, who had to step up to the plate with a jaw-dropping $200,000 monthly payment which combines both spousal and child support.

While Rick Ross’ child support payments were not as dramatically high, this is quite a substantial monthly payment compared to what the average citizen is expected to pay.

Luckily for Rick Ross, The Florida News Times reports that he can definitely afford this. He earns roughly $585,000 each month through a variety of income streams and has a powerful net worth of well over $45 million. He has more than enough money to play with, so the $11,000 demand on his finances is definitely a manageable one.

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As far as the additional expenses that Rick Ross might be on the hook for, TMZ reports that; “he also has to foot the bill for their children’s health insurance, and he’s got to help her pay for the kids’ extracurricular expenses once the figure goes north of $7,560… with Ross on the hook for additional annual payments of up to $3k per child.”

The refreshing aspect to this story comes with the fact that the legendary Rick Ross seemed to take the high road by prioritizing the well-being of his children. He was agreeable to the settlement and didn’t contest the court’s decision on this payment structure. In fact, reports indicate that he also produced a check for $25,000 to cover legal fees for his ex, as well.

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Sources: TMZ, The Florida News Times

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