Rare Lincoln penny with error sells for £1.4k after bidding war on eBay

Rare coin collectors will spend just about any money to secure a treasure they found online.

Now after racking up an impressive 40 bids online, one coin sold for a staggering sum in the end.

The Lincoln D penny fetched for a whopping $2,027 (approximately £1,400) on eBay.

On the online listing, the seller wrote: "Extremely scarce specimen."

So are you wondering why that coin is worth an absolute fortune among collectors?

It's fetched for a huge sum simply because it's a "No D" penny which means the signature mintmark is missing.

According to USA Coin Book, all 1922 Lincoln pennies were minted in Denver.

The coin is described by the seller as having "excellent eye appeal".

When it went up for auction, it attracted an impressive 40 bids, which ended in August 2021.

In some cases, like the No D penny, a minting error makes coins rarer.

This can be a result of weak coin dyes that were used to strike the valuable coins.

Also well-preserved older coins are considerably rarer, as coins tend to wear down over time and through circulation.

Many pennies and coins have been deemed rare for one reasons or another and have sold for a lot of money.

Rare coins can be quite valuable, especially ones with minting errors.

It's always worth checking for doubling of words, cracks or even missing elements.

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It comes after a rare £1 coin with an error sold for a fortune on eBay.

The coin is a copy of the new British pound which entered circulation in 2017, but a design error meant that it was worth a fortune.

It is supposed to have a gold coloured outer-rim (nickel-brass) and a silver coloured middle (nickel-plated alloy).

Meanwhile, a rare Blue Peter 50p coin sold for under £300 online.

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