How to Pronounce Louis, the Royal Baby's Name

How to pronounce the royal baby's name

After four long days of waiting, royal fans finally learned that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge named their newborn prince Louis Arthur Charles. Even though the name Louis goes back generations in the royal family — Prince Phillip’s uncle was Lord Louis Mountbatten, and it’s also one of Prince William and Prince George’s middle names —there’s still a lot of debate over how to pronounce the royal baby’s name.

So what is it? While the name Louis can technically be pronounced either loo-ee or loo-is, there is a right way to pronounce it. Since Louis is originally a French name that means “renowned warrior,” the royal family pronounce the name the French way. With that said, the right way to say the royal baby’s name is loo-ee.

Not only do Prince William and Prince George both pronounce their middles names this way, but also it’s the way that all 18 of the French kings named Louis pronounced their names, too. Other famous Louis that pronounce their name the same way include the musician Louis Armstrong, fashion designer Louis Vuitton and One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson.

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