Prince Harry's body language in trailer for Anderson Cooper interview

‘Confident’ Prince Harry wants to look ‘regal’ in trailer for bombshell interview – before ‘dipping into vulnerable mode’, body language expert claims

  • Harry discussed upcoming memoir with Anderson Cooper on CBSs’ 60 Minutes 
  • The US broadcaster today released a short trailer for the interview on Sunday 
  • Spare expected to give details about disagreements between Harry and William 
  • READ: Prince Harry sits down for ‘revealing’ interview with leading US TV anchor Anderson Cooper

Prince Harry uses ‘rituals of self-importance and confidence’ in the new trailer for his interview with CBS News’ 60 Minutes host Anderson Cooper, a body language expert has claimed.

The Duke of Sussex’s chat with the American network will air just two days before his explosive autobiography Spare is released; the book is expected to give details about disagreements between Harry, 38, and his brother the Prince of Wales, 40. 

While today’s trailer does not provide audio of Harry speaking, body language expert Judi James suggested the royal appeared confident and persuasive.

She told FEMAIL: ‘Sitting down [Harry] shows signs of high levels of confidence, using over-congruent gesticulation to suggest a strong desire or need to imply his words are deeply important and meaningful. This looks like a ritual of self-importance and confidence and power.’

Harry discussed his upcoming memoir, Spare, during a conversation with Anderson Cooper on CBS News’ 60 Minutes programme

Judi added: ‘Harry is shown in traditional regal mode first, walking through a garden talking to his host in a manner used previously by the late Queen and his own father and brother. 

‘He instigates and leads the gesticulation with one hand, placing himself in charge here while his host listens.’ 

She continued: ‘Lastly we see Harry using gestures of openness, explanation and persuasion. He seems to have dipped into a more vulnerable mode towards the end of the trailer, with a more wide-eyed look of incredulity at something that happened. 

‘His hands are held alternatively palm-up and he ends with a wry smile and micro-shrug of what looks like disbelief. The fact his words are not audible ramps up the drama.’

Harry with Cooper in a trailer that was released by the American network this morning

Mr Cooper, 55 – who is also a star of the CNN network – has campaigned to promote better mental health and hosts a podcast called All There Is. He has spoken about losing his brother Carter to suicide. 

The 23-year-old fell to his death from the family’s 14th-floor Manhattan apartment in 1988. Mr Cooper also has war experience, having reported from Afghanistan, where Harry completed two tours of duty.

Harry and William’s relationship ‘hangs by a thread’: Duke of Sussex to ‘complain in tell-all memoir how he has always played second fiddle’ to his brother


A television source said: ‘Mr Cooper has won Harry’s trust. This would be a coup for Mr Cooper and fits well with Harry’s campaign to promote mental health.

‘It is a prime-time Sunday show which hosts foreign leaders and presidents. It’s the one that all the politicians and decision-makers watch.’ 

Recently 60 Minutes featured exclusive interviews with US President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron.

In 2020 Mr Cooper interviewed Afua Hirsch, the British author and former Guardian journalist who features in the Sussexes’ Netflix programme, and who made a damning verdict on the Commonwealth as ‘Empire 2.0’.

In the discussion with Mr Cooper after Harry and Meghan announced they were leaving their Royal duties, Ms Hirsch described the Royal Family as ‘Ground Zero for Britain’s troubled history of colonialism and race’.

She added that she was ‘always concerned about Meghan Markle’s wellbeing’ when joining the Royal family. Appearing sympathetic to the couple’s plight, Mr Cooper told Ms Hirsch: ‘The notion of being hounded by the press is going to have such strange, weird echoes for Prince Harry given what happened to his mom.’

Mr Cooper has also joked about getting a wave from Prince Harry during his wedding to Meghan in May 2018. He told viewers: ‘I was at the Royal Wedding, covering it for CNN.

‘Our correspondent Max Foster said, “You should wave at Harry because Harry is going to look up at the bright lights and I bet he’ll wave at you.” The carriage makes a turn. I start waving. Harry looks up at the tower, we make eye contact and he waves. I almost died.’

Harry is not heard speaking in the trailer for the interview, which is said to be ‘revealing’ 

Harry is also understood to have already recorded a TV interview about his biography with ITV News at Ten’s Tom Bradby, according to The Sun.

Mr Bradby, a former royal correspondent for ITV, is a friend of the Sussexes and previously interviewed them for a documentary about their 2019 Africa tour.

Harry’s upcoming autobiography is said to be so cutting of his brother William that the pair may not be able to reconcile their differences following its release on January 10.

Prince Harry’s highly anticipated memoir will be entitled ‘Spare’ and is set to be released on January 10, publisher Penguin Random House confirmed

Spare will reportedly see King Charles III escape severe criticism.

But it is so tough on the Prince of Wales that insiders fear the sibling relationship, which has been strained considerably since Harry and Meghan Markle announced they were relinquishing their royal duties, will not recover.

A source told the Sunday Times: ‘Generally, I think the book [will be] worse for them than the Royal Family is expecting.

‘Everything is laid bare. Charles comes out of it better than it had expected, but it’s tough on William, in particular, and even Kate gets a bit of a broadside. 

‘There are these minute details, and a description of the fight between the brothers. I personally can’t see how Harry and William will be able to reconcile after this.’ 

Harry’s tell-all tale was written with JR Moehringer, a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist who previously penned the biography of US tennis star Andre Agassi. 

Spare is expected to give details about disagreements between Harry, 38, and his brother the Prince of Wales, 40  

The Duke of Sussex will personally narrate the audiobook version of the memoir and will donate some of the work’s proceeds to charity. 

Lady Susan Hussey will be invited to the King’s coronation after apology


The book will be published just weeks after he and his wife Meghan released their Netflix series detailing their relationship and split from the royal family, while reports have emerged that Meghan is also planning to publish her own bombshell memoir.

According to one source, the Duchess of Sussex ‘is contemplating getting entirely candid about her time in the Royal limelight… and leaving no stone unturned’.

In 2021 the couple reportedly signed a four-book deal with publishers Penguin Random House.

Prince Harry is said to have received a $20 million advance for Spare. 

Meghan has already released her children’s book The Bench with the same publisher, and it is rumoured that the couple are working on a ‘wellness’ book. 

Now it is believed the mystery fourth book will be Meghan’s autobiography. 

A bestselling memoir would put Meghan in a well-trodden American political tradition, amid much speculation that she may have ambitions for elected office, given her outspoken views on women’s rights and other issues. 

A Hollywood agent told The Mail on Sunday: ‘I would find it surprising if Meghan didn’t publish her own story, to be honest. Spare is clearly Prince Harry’s chance to tell his, but hers is equally compelling. I mean, how many actresses end up marrying a Prince?’

The source added: ‘If she’s harbouring political ambitions it would make even more sense,’ pointing out that Presidents Clinton, Obama and Trump all wrote books setting out their beliefs before launching bids for the White House.

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