Prince Harry was ‘mocked’ at school over habit he picked up from dad Charles

Prince Harry was reportedly teased at school for a habit he inherited from his Dad, Prince Charles.

The royal is believed to have been instructed from a young age to always clean up litter, as an environmentally friendly habit.

Whenever he is out, Prince Charles is thought to make sure that he picks up any rubbish he sees on the ground.

He made sure that he taught this to his sons in a bid to live in clean and tidy surroundings.

However, the good habit is believed to have been met with some misunderstanding from Prince Harry’s classmates.

While studying at Eton, the young Royal was mocked by his peers for his concerns for the environment.

Speaking in a documentary several years ago called Prince, Son and Heir: Charles at 70, Harry said his dad had always encouraged them to pick up litter whenever they were out and about.

Harry admitted: "I used to get taken the mickey out of at school for just picking up rubbish.

"I don't go consciously looking for it. When you go for walks anywhere, if you see something, it stands out, you pick it up."

However, the 37 year old now advocates that everyone picks up the habit to eliminate litter from our towns and countrysides.

"It's like I've literally done this because I'm programmed to do it, because my father did it," he said. "Actually, we should all be doing it."

Prince Charles has previously said how proud he is of his sons for also supporting environmental causes.

Taking to Instagram, the Prince of Wales, 72, praised Prince William, 39, for his 'growing commitment to the environment and the bold ambition of the Earthshot Prize'.

In a rare and touching public statement, Charles wrote: 'I am very proud of my son, William, for his growing commitment to the environment and the bold ambition of the Earthshot Prize.

“As a world, we need to come together to inspire, reimagine and build the sustainable future we so desperately need.”

Prince Charles is a vocal supporter of environmentally friendly practices and last week spoke at the COPS26 summit to pledge his support campaigns to lower emissions.

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