Prankster boyfriend laughs as he swaps girlfriend’s drink – but viewers furious

A bloke who regularly posts videos of his pranks on his girlfriend has been hammered by viewers after he swapped his girlfriend's decaf tea for regular tea.

Bobby C, who posts on TikTok as @tikkytokkybob, took to the app with a video of his girlfriend sipping on a cup of tea he had just made for her when she asked whether it was definitely decaf.

The blonde woman started to get frustrated at her boyfriend when he confirmed that he hadn't made her decaf tea as she said she wouldn't be able to get to sleep after drinking regular tea.

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She said: "Decaf doesn't taste any different, I wouldn't know. It just would not let me sleep. Bob, are you taking the mick, have you not given me decaf?"

Bobby responded by mocking her in a whining voice, as he said: "That's not my fault. I'll be dozing off while you're there thinking, I haven't had decaf and I can't sleep."

To which she said she hates him and that he "doesn't understand" before sticking a finger up at him.

Captioning the clip, which has gained more than 101,000 likes, the bloke said: "When she asks for decaf tea & gets given normal tea."

Viewers didn't take kindly to the clip as they took to the comment section to defend her and say that she might have a sensitivity to caffeine so doing that wasn't funny.

The prankster was forced to turn the comments off on the video but that didn't stop the criticism as people have taken to the comments on his other videos claiming he is a "walking red flag."

One user said: "You dropped these [red flags]."

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Another added: "This dude's just a walking red flag."

A third commented: "Maybe this is news to you, but pranks and jokes are supposed to be funny."

A fourth wrote: "[red flags] yikes, she's still with this man?"

Bobby hasn't responded to any of the hate and has continued to post his usual prank videos on the app undeterred.


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