Prada is relentlessly mocked for £1,300 boots with upturned toes

‘Do they belong to Rumpelstiltskin?’: Prada put their foot in it with £1,300 boots with upturned toes

  • Prada was mocked for its latest pair of designer brogues, costing a dear £1,300 
  • Shoppers said Milanese brand’s shoes looked like had been rammed in wardrobe
  • Others likened them to the sort of thing a villainous troll would wear in fairy tales
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Prada has been mocked for flogging a £1,300 pair of boots that shoppers said look like they’ve belong to a Medieval court jester. 

The pointed pair of black booties are described as a reinvention of ‘the classic cowboy boot through the Milanese brand’s conceptual aesthetic vision’.

But bemused social media users were not sold on the shoes, with some joking they look like they’re what court jesters would wear on their days off.

The pricey pumps are made of fabric and leather with a four centimetre heel.

Milanese designer brand Prada has been mocked online after releasing a pair of boots costing £1,300 that looks like they belong to a court jester 

Prada is advertising the pair’s ‘retro allure’ in a description penned on their website. 

‘These booties with retro allure reinvent and emphasise the classic cowboy boot through Prada’s conceptual aesthetic vision,’ it reads. 

‘The pronounced toe and square heel create an original stylistic contrast with the elasticised gusset on the leg typical of Chelsea boots for men.

‘A treatment applied by hand gives the leather a vintage look and underlines the artisan know-how of the brand.’

The boots, which are made for men, are angled at the front, with some shoppers joking they look like their owner just kicked a wall 

Shoppers were not convinced by the boots’ peculiar look with some poking fun at the pair online

But social media users were left less than impressed with the dodgy toe turn-ups.

One said: ‘For only £1,300 (Klarna available) you too can have the “I’ve just kicked a wall” look.’

Another joked: ‘They look like they’ve been rammed at the back of the wardrobe for ages and are f****.’

‘Only to be worn by off-duty court jesters.’

Prada advertises the look as a play on the classic cowboy boot with ‘retro allure’ on their website 

The leather boots also include a four centimetres-high heel. The pronounced toe sat the front is the pair’s most eye-catching feature 

One asked: ‘How on earth do you physically wear those without doing permanent damage to your toes?’

‘Who do they belong to?! Rumpelstiltskin?’ one asked, referencing the malevolent fairy tale character. 

One commented: ‘I see these boots and immediately think of the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.’ 

‘Shouldn’t they have added bells like a pair of court jester’s booties?’ one asked. 

People online were not impressed with the boots and compared them to something several fairy tale and children movies’ villains would wear

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