Playboy model says other women judge her for earning £13k a month on OnlyFans

Celebs like Bella Thorne, Cardi B and Michael B Jordan have helped to popularise straight-to-consumer site OnlyFans in recent years.

Popular creators can make millions every month by sharing exclusive videos and snaps with subscribers.

And, many of the site’s 450,000 plus posters are sex workers sharing racy content.

But, one OnlyFans model has claimed that x-rated creators get a lot of hate – and it’s mostly from women.

Playboy bunny and glamour model, Nathali Pereira claims she feels discriminated against for earning money on the site.

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The brunette beauty said: “Male magazines have been replaced by adult content platforms with photos.

“Making a men's magazine and being on the platform is the same thing.

“Women judge us more, they say it is not right.

“But I try to ignore it as much as possible, that's the secret ”.

The model, who has competed at the Brazilian Miss BumBum pageant, doesn’t regret starting her OnlyFans channel though as she says it changed her life for the better.

Nathali commented: “OnlyFans changed my life, I managed to buy a lot with the money I got there.

“I know that many men also have a profile there and have not had as much prejudice as we women.

“What people think about me or judge only problems with themselves.

“Me and the people who know me know who I am and what matters.”

Nathali’s raunchy clips and photos rake in around £13,500 per month for the curvy model.

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