Pick Your Jaws Off the Ground — It's Time to Talk About Riverdale's Season 3 Premiere

Pick Your Jaws Off the Ground — It’s Time to Talk About Riverdale’s Season 3 Premiere

Warning: spoilers about the Riverdale season three premiere ahead.

Riverdale is officially back for season three, and we can already tell this is going to be one crazy ride. As expected, season three picks up three months after our red-headed hunk, Archie, is taken into custody. Jughead gives us a brief overview of what everyone has been up to over the Summer: Veronica is working at Pop’s, Betty is an intern for Mary Andrews and Sierra McCoy, and Archie is, well, on trial. The first half hour or so we see quite a bit of drama. Everyone is grappling with the possibility of Archie going to jail, and the poor guy just wants to have a normal Labor Day weekend with friends before finding out the final verdict. And in true CW fashion, sh*t doesn’t really hit the fan until the very end of the episode. Your mind might still be reeling from the premiere, so let’s take a moment to reflect on some of the jaw-dropping moments from the season opener.

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