Pet owners show how their dogs have grown

What did they feed them? Pet owners show how their adorable puppies grew up to look VERY different

  • Twitter users have been sharing ‘then’ and ‘now’ photos of their pet dogs 
  • …and there’s a remarkable difference between the tiny puppies and what their pets look like now they’re fully grown 
  •  Hilarious collection sees cute fluffy puppies suddenly dwarfing their owners

Like humans, puppies can seem like the cutest things on earth when they take their first wobbly steps.

However, as this comedic collection of dog related snaps show, they don’t stay that size for very long.

Owners have been taking to Twitter to show the dramatic differences in their pet pooches when adulthood transforms them – often in just a few months. 

@Munoz0702, who is based in the US, began the thread after he posted a tweet saying: ‘Messaging that lady on Craigslist was the best decision of my life. Happy 1st birthday to my girl!’

He then proceeded to show just how much his pet had changed in a year, leaving him holding with just one hand to barely being able to carry him with two. 

A selfie was so much easier when you were small! Twitter user @Munoz0702 showed off this snap of his pet pooch when she was a puppy

And one year one, this girl is no longer so easy to carry…@Munoz0702 has seen his then and now snaps of his golden retriever go viral

Growing, grown! @Munoz0702’s gorgeous pet strikes a selfie pose as the months pass showing just how much she’s grown in size

Twitter user @chelsea_brucee posted this snap of her little ball of fluff Bindi…

…but Bindi didn’t stay small for long; the dog now almost rivals the owner for height

This super-cute puppy throws adorable eyes at the camera and could be picked up with one hand

And while the beloved pet is still wearing pink, she’s all grown up now

That’s a sizeable puppy…so one can only hazard a guess at just how big it’ll grow…

Wow! The grey-haired beauty grew to a gigantic size – as shown by this extraordinary picture 

From small fry…to too big to fit in one camera shot: Twitter user @mialudovico said she can no longer lift her pooch, saying: ‘I tried doing this with my dog but she’s heavy and I have noodle arms’

What a difference a year makes! This cute canine, known as Bacon, grew dramatically within just 12 months 

This adorable pooch nearly doubled in size, as shown in these before and after shots 

Another dog owner showed off this cute puppy bought off Craigslist… 

That same pup has now grown dramatically in less than 12 months, as this picture reveals  

One Twitter users shared this cute snap of her adorable pooch as a puppy 

The dog owner revealed how her gorgeous pup has now grown up into this beautiful dog 

 This cute pug, named Nugget, has also had a noticeable transformation in just one year

This is how the cute pooch looks now,  as he celebrate his first birthday with his owner 

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