Parisians are getting naked all over the place

If you have a burning desire to be naked for ordinarily clothed activities, Paris is the place to go.

The city is rapidly becoming a nudist’s dream destination, with parties, restaurants, art exhibits and more taking place in the buff.

First up is Parisian nightclub Point Ephémère, which recently hosted a clothes-free party called 222-32 — cheekily named in honor of the city’s criminal code for indecent exposure.

Visitors at 222-32 placed their clothing into black garbage bags upon entering, the Daily Star reports, — maybe to ensure that nobody chickened out on the all-nude thing.

A Vice reporter describes the skin-friendly party as “good-natured” and “like any other night at a club” — albeit, one where strangers’ privates may accidentally rub up against you on a crowded dance floor. It helped, he says, that drugs and sex were verboten: “With sex off the table, interactions seemed more natural, kinder, and less predatory.”

Surprisingly, naked nightclubbing isn’t the only way to strip down in the City of Light.

Nudie foodies can visit Paris’ first clothing-optional restaurant, fittingly known as O’Naturel, which opened last year. A typical dinner party conversation there? How awkward it feels to chat up strangers in the nude, according to the New Yorker.

The art world is also dressing down. Parisian museum Palais de Tokyo recently invited people to take in an art exhibit — all naked. According to the “nudesletter” of Association des Naturistes de Paris, an advantage of seeing art in the buff was that “one is not distracted by other people’s clothes.”

Get to Paris before Oct. 14, and you can enjoy the great outdoors in your birthday suit at the Bois de Vincennes in the 12th Arrondissement.

Considering that there is also nude yoga, nude swimming and nude workouts in at least one of the city’s gyms, visiting Paris presents one more appealing upside: You can pack really, really light.

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