My stepdad has reached out after ten years but my husband thinks it's suspicious

DEAR DEIDRE: MY stepdad has made ­contact with me after ten years.

I’m both excited and confused, as my husband warns me to be careful.

I was deeply hurt when my stepdad ignored me after he and my mum split.

He brought me and my big sister up even though we weren’t biologically his and I always thought of him as my real dad after my ­biological father left Mum. I’m now 28 and have missed him so much.

I want to welcome him with open arms but my ­husband thinks he is after something.

We aren’t rich and he isn’t materialistic anyway. Am I being naive or does my husband simply need to get to know him?

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DEIDRE SAYS: Perhaps your husband feels a little unsettled by the sudden reappearance of your stepdad. He has not been a part of your life for the past decade and he wants to protect you.

Ask your stepdad why he got back in touch and why he ignored you before.

And encourage your husband to spend time with him for his own reassurance.

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